Nov 112013

Could it be that Dutch death metal heavyweights God Dethroned, in some form or fashion, may be returning after the announcement more than two years ago of of their permanent demise? Consider the following sequence of posts on the band’s Facebook page, all of them presumably authored by God Dethroned’s founder Henri Sattler:

In February 2011:

2011 is God Dethroned’s final year in existence.

We could have spent another year in a tourbus because the amount of offers was endless, but I just don’t feel like touring anymore.

People told me to take a break for a year or maybe two, but as I’m an “all, or nothing at all” type of person, I decided to call it quits.

Not immediately, but in December of this year we will definitely play our last show.

Now, fast-forward to October 23, 2013:

The funeral of our former label boss Michael Trengert a few weeks ago made me think.
I came home and blew the dust off of my guitar…

And then today, November 11, 2013:

Tomorrow i have a meeting with Beef. He played on Grand Grimoire, Bloody Blasphemy, Ravenous and Into the Lungs of Hell.
He told me he missed being on stage. Lets see if we can do something about that. 
Would you guys like to have him back?

This could mean many things. It could mean new God Dethroned shows. It could be the first signs of God Dethroned’s revival as a recording band. It could be the first steps toward formation of a new band (though that seems unlikely). But God Dethroned are sorely missed around here, and anything that provides hope that Henri Sattler is rethinking the band’s consignment to the ash heap of history is welcome news.


That is all (for now).

  13 Responses to “THE RETURN OF GOD DETHRONED?”

  1. …am I the only one here who just never got into this band?

  2. how about APOPHYS?

  3. In 2014 they take the world by storm.
    We don’t know who they are, but they’ll come that’s for sure.

  4. I replied “YES! And the rest of the band!”

    I would love a new God Dethroned album.

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