Dec 032013

(Our supporter xBenx has compiled a series of guest posts, this being the sixth installment. Each one focuses on a different band that he fears may have been overlooked by the masses, and today the spotlight is on Norway’s Myrkskog. Those with long memories may recall that Myrkskog were also the subject of one of Andy Synn’s early SYNN REPORTS.)

For me, Myrkskog were somewhat overshadowed by Zyklon, understandable given the latter’s credentials, but the former were no slouches. In fact, their supreme blitzkrieg of blackened death, which is meticulously calculated in its delivery and jammed to the brim with gloriously scything glacial riffs, is gloriously addictive once you give in and submit yourself. What I like best is how the two genres are melded, they’re almost crystallised to the point where they are in complete harmony, yet there are brief instances where one still dominates the other.

Myrkskog are now back together apparently, and ’bout time. It’s been ten years since the last album and there’s no need to keep us waiting any longer.



  1. The only thing wrong with this band–and in reality, the problem is with me–is my complete inability to type their name correctly.

  2. Superior Massacre is an awesome album!!!

  3. And I (and you!) can catch them at next years Blastfest here in Bergen!

  4. Should have done my research, how could I have overlooked that these maniacs had already been covered!!!

  5. Great news that they’re back together, such an underrated band. Both releases are excellent.

  6. That’s probably the funniest/worst band photo I’ve ever seen. On a positive note, their music is killer.

  7. Haha I got those albums! They were the shit when they came out! Wat like 10 years ago!

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