Dec 082013

(Our supporter xBenx has compiled a series of guest posts, this being the ninth installment. Each one focuses on a different band that he fears may have been overlooked by the masses, and today the spotlight is on the now-defunct UK band My Cross To Bare.)

There’s nothing worse than wasted potential, especially in music. The number of bands I pine over for having released only one album, or worse, one demo, is endless, though it’s not as if my grief will subconsciously force them to release anything more. My Cross to Bare falls into this category. They should have gone on to become one of the UK’s best (extreme) bands. They were even on Siege of Amida at one point (at a time when that label was on a signing frenzy) for their second album, and this made me beyond excited.

Regrettably, it wasn’t meant to be. Apparently, that second album was recorded but never unleashed, with no explanation as to why or how. All that’s left was their monolith of a debut, which combined death, grind, and a dash of hard/noisecore so emphatically that it was startling. A fitting epitaph it seems:

My Cross to Bare – “Chikitola Won’t Sleep”:


  1. There spelling skills are questionable.

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