Dec 132013

(We are most happy to bring you a list of favorite 2013 albums by Aaron Edge of Lumbar — whose own 2013 album, The First and Last Days of Unwelcome, is one of my favorites.)

I am most honored to be asked by No Clean Singing to share with you my favorite sonic gems of 2013. It must be said, though, that my year has been the most turbulent in my history as a human being. I am quite out of the loop on perhaps most of the killer new releases… so many swam by, uncaught in my small, old, holed net. That said, the following bands got snatched by my tinnitus-plagued head holes, were hauled in, and gave a truly fantastic bloody birth to perfect gifts. We, as listeners, should thank the giant universe that we are so blessed to have them (in no order):



Sea of BonesThe Earth Wants Us Dead


Dead in the DirtThe Blind Hole


GorgutsColored Sands


Chelsea WolfePain Is Beauty




Sigur RósKveikur




True Widow – Circumambulation


As always, buy vinyl if able!

Aaron D.C. Edge, of Lumbar


  1. Islander, asking for Aaron’s list once more demonstrates how perceptive you keep NCS. When groups of Lumbar’s quality form, all members should be taken seriously. Great to see. It’s why I come back.

  2. very nice list, lots of great picks

  3. Purist was one new find.. Cool list

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