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Before this morning I was already excited about something coming our way in 2014 from Gilead Media, that oh-so-tasteful little label run by Adam Bartlett in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I’m talking, of course, about the 2014 GILEAD FEST coming next July 18-20. I’m planning to go, in part because one of my favorite co-workers is actually a native of Oshkosh and seems interested in attending the show even though he’s not a metalhead (though he has an amazing array of other musical tastes, with that one glaring omission). I’ll remind you after the jump who is scheduled to play at that festival.

But the point of this post is to provide additional reasons to be excited, because today Adam provided a full rundown of the Gilead release schedule for 2014. And man, there are a lot of gems on the line-up. For example, on February 25, Gilead will be release Heathen, the fourth album from doom titans Thou. And on the same day, Gilead will be releasing a self-titled 12″ from Geryon, the bass-and-drum death metal project of Nick McMaster and Lev Weinstein (which I’ve already had the pleasure of hearing, and it’s great). You can see the cover art for both of those after the jump.

And there’s more. Here’s the rest of the Gilead release schedule following those two lead-offs for 2014, along with Adam Bartlett’s notes about each one:

ThouTyrant 2LP – Their first full-length, finally released as a 2LP. Contains the Tyrant LP + Retaliation 12″, just like the CD. Coming mid 2014.

ThouPeasant CD (re-mastered re-issue) – Their second full-length album. Re-mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording. Updated art and packaging. Coming mid 2014.

Mutilation RitesI Am Legion 12″ repress – Grey vinyl. Coming February 2014.

Mutilation RitesEmpyrean LP repress – Clear vinyl. Coming February 2014.

BarghestThe Virtuous Purge LP – A full-length of new songs. Coming early 2014.

Loss/Graves at Sea split CD/LP – A split of total doom. New songs from each band. Size of the vinyl to be determined. CD will be very limited. Recording nearly complete.

Bastard SaplingInstinct is Forever LP – One of two new albums Bastard Sapling will release in 2014. More details on everything soon.

Alraune – TBA LP – The debut LP from this incredibly visceral Nashville black metal band. Their demo was one of the 50 best metal releases of the year over at Steel for Brains.

False – TBA 2LP – Writing is nearly complete for their full-length. Recording in January, to be released mid 2014.

Lychgate – TBA LP – Their follow up full-length of all brand new material. Recording April 2014.

ThouCollection 2CD – Still happening, as soon as we have time to make it so. A collection of the out of print EP + split material, pre-Summit.


For further updates, visit these pages:


Now, back to GILEAD FEST. Here’s the 2014 line-up of bands confirmed to play so far. This list makes me all slobbery.

Alraune (
Ash Borer (
Bastard Sapling
The Body (
Generation of Vipers (
Hell (
Hexer (
Inter Arma (
Locrian (
Loss (
Lychgate (
Mutilation Rites (
Northless (
Oozing Wound (
Owlfood (
Protestant (
Seidr (
(Seidr includes Austin Lunn from Panopticon, and he’ll be performing with Seidr at this fest)
Thou (

  6 Responses to “GILEAD MEDIA UPDATE”

  1. Awe. I have to wait until late February for new Thou? I read on the site that it was supposed to be out sometime this Winter, but I didn’t think it was at the very end of it! I wanted Heathen for Christmas…

    Cool, new Barghest! And Geryon sound interesting–are there vocals, or is it instru-metal?

  2. TWO new bastard sapling albums! awesome…

  3. I’m excited about the promise of new Lychgate material. I love the debut (made my Top 25). The pipe organ is sick!

  4. that is a killer lineup!

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