Jan 022014

I first happened upon Burial Hordes from Greece last January after discovering their split release with Enshadowed, which is excellent (reviewed here). They have a new album on the way, entitled Incendium, which will be released later this month by the Polish label Hellthrasher Productions. It features cover art by Mark Riddick, production by Devo Andersson (Marduk), and eight tracks of striking music divided into two “chapters” — “Decay” and “Fall”. Today we have the privilege of exclusively premiering the new album’s title song, “Incendium”.

It’s a gripping piece of music, shrouded in darkness and weighted by a choking atmosphere of doom and despair. Deep, ominous riffs accompany hoarse, heartless roars and hair-raising shrieks, while an off-the-chain drum performance infuses the music with powerful energy, and chiming guitar notes create an almost ethereal contrast.

This is black metal from the abyss, bleak and cold, harrowing and atmospheric. It’s a fine teaser for a fine album.

Three more previously released songs from the album — “Path of Bloodshed”, “Nailed Curse”, and “Unleash Havoc” — can also be heard below. Listen to “Incendium” next…







  1. I remember the song “Unleash Havoc” as I remember that was a superb tune as the rest of the tunes in this post, good news.

  2. Loved the song. Thanks for post about these guys.

  3. “Unleash Havoc” is my favorite of these. Good band!

  4. this sounds fantastic, and Riddick totally delivers on the album art, as usual

  5. Great stuff. That is all.

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