Jan 032014

(In this post TheMadIsraeli brings us another recent discovery — a brand new two-song demo by an English band named Cognizance.)

It would appear there is a quality death metal overflow from 2013 left over; first Warforged (featured here yesterday), now these dudes.  Cognizance play an extremely violent brand of tech death that calls to mind Cryptopsy, Aeon, a lot of Polish and Italian influences, and just overall kick assery.

This is really turbulent stuff and completely brings the brutality in spades.  Looking forward to seeing what these guys pull out later this year.  Enjoy the two-song demo they just released, which is a “pay what you want” download at Bandcamp.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The demo features guest appearances by Francesco Filigoi (Abiogenesis), JJ Polachek (7 Horns 7 Eyes), and Alex Bailey (Sylosis). The demo was mixed by Eyal Levi at Audiohammer Studios and mastered by Alan Douches. The striking cover art is by M.Starkey Design.




  1. Damn! They have new stuff out? I did review their first EP some time earlier last year. They were kind enough to send me the EP. Great dudes. And obviously i am excited for a full length.

    Thanks man, i was really looking forward to their stuff.

  2. this is great stuff. Also it has Shiv (from Ovdi and 7Horns 7Eyes) in the boat which is enough to get my attention 😀

  3. The two songs are strong, please give us more about them in the future, sweet post!

  4. I like the second track a lot. Pretty cool, with just enough melody =]

  5. this sounds awesome, gotta love what you can find on Bandcamp

  6. Here’s Alex playing through a track from Inquisition, their EP from early in 2013. This is one of my favorite songs of the whole year.


  7. their older EP is up now and it is pretty impressive too!!

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