Jan 122014

(TheMadIsraeli provides a brief introduction to a murderous new EP by God Disease.)

“Soul crushing old school death metal” are the words Finland’s God Disease use to describe the music contained on their debut EP Abyss Cathedral.  The band’s forte is of the doom-influenced variety, channeling Autopsy, Penetrelia-era Hypocrisy, Winter, and Immolation.  I’m pretty impressed.

I’d recommend checking this out if you want something to satisfy that “shit production, terrific music” itch.  It’s unapologetically old school and brazenly soaked in its influences and is downright killer, back to front.  Definitely a cool early 2014 release to have stumbled upon.

Enjoy the sickness and pestilence next. (The EP is now available for download via the Bandcamp link below.)



  1. Nice find! I love this-would’ve bought it but it’s apparently one of those cassette only releases (and sold out anyway). Hoping this trend dies out soon-cassettes sucked the first time around,and the idea of paying international shipping for one just to get access to the digital version…Any possibility they might go ahead and release it for download only?

  2. this is seriously awesome, great find!

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