Jan 182014

I’ve had virtually zero blog time since leaving Seattle early yesterday on a work-related trip. I haven’t even had time to listen to music, much less write about it. (You may have noticed, for example, that now two days have passed since the last installment in our MOST INFECTIOUS SONG series). Things aren’t likely to improve tomorrow, though we ought to be back to normal on Monday (“normal” being a relative term, of course).

I was saved from the dreadfulness of having nothing new on the site today by a message from my comrade DGR, bringing to my attention that Amon Amarth finally released their 10-minute mini-movie for the song “Father of the Wolf”. The band played the video at the first show of their U.S. your last night, and now it’s on YouTube. And now it’s on NCS.

In a word, it’s fantastic. Check it out:


  1. SO EPIC.

  2. Such a cool take on the idea of music videos.

    • I definitely like this trend of making mini-movies within music videos (Cattle Decapitation’s “Kingdom Of Tyrants” and Job For A Cowboy’s “Tarnished Gluttony” being the other examples that come to mind). Definitely more enjoyable and memorable than your average music video.

  3. damn that was awesome!

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