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I just read a post at Metal Injection that elevated my heart rate significantly above its usual slothlike repose. I have nothing else to add to what Greg Kennelty wrote, so I’m simply going to post it here to spread the exciting news. Feel free to excrete reproductive juices in the Comments.

“Oh my God I am so excited right now. Just minutes ago, At the Gates took to their Facebook page to post the below video. There was no description given or title for the video, and there is no description listed on YouTube. The comments section is also disabled.”





“We have heard some murmurs that the band might be working on new material, but nothing was confirmed at the time. Everyone go get your speculation hats and a tall, tall glass of ice cold stoked… because I’m pretty sure At the Gates are coming out with a new album this year.

“This would mark the first time the band has released an album since their legendary 1995 record Slaughter of the Soul, though they’ve been together doing touring and festivals on and off since 2007. A new At the Gates record has kind of been in the wings since 2012 when vocalist Tomas Lindberg said he’d “never say never” about doing another, though guitarist Anders Björler didn’t seem like he was very interested. So I guess we’ll see what the lineup is as far as Björler being finally interested or not, but it’s worth noting he did quit The Haunted a little while back… so it’s not like he’s doing much these days aside from cool jazz music.”

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  1. In the words of Nattefrost : Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell!

  2. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 🙂

  3. STOKED!!!! Another band who’ve never released an album while I was alive may be reuniting (same used to be true for Carcass).

    • and now we all feel old. thanks. I was 8 when slaughter of the soul hit.

      • Technicalities again. I was in the womb.

      • But yes, this was primarily to alert you to that back pain you’re having.

        • I would like to shove bamboo spikes up your toenails, both of you.

          • On an somewhat related note, my weight training teacher, who had previously shown no knowledge of extreme metal in any way (if his reactions and faint grasps at “screamo” were any indication), came up to me and professed a love for Slaughter Of The Soul when I was wearing that T-shirt. Top 3 metal-and-high-school-teachers moment, along with getting my English teacher into Dying Fetus, and presenting Rudra for a history project.

            • I haven’t heard of so much winning since I showed my english teacher BTBAM. She laughed at the 5/4 polka segment of Prequel to the Sequel, and then asked me to keep it on once it went back to metal. Color me confused.

              • Badass. ‘Tis a daily struggle, trying to get all of the most unlikely people into metal. Apparently in one of my letters of rec, my review of Pyrexia’s new album made my English teacher (different one than the one mentioned above) want to listen to death metal. I missed a perfect opportunity with the song lyric analysis project though; I went for “Voice Of The Voiceless” by Rage Against The Machine. Great song, no doubt, but I could have chosen just about anything.

  4. I’m not holding my breath, it’s been almost 20 years since the last AtG album, add to that many of the people involved have during this time been in bands together and nothing they’ve put out has even come close. So here are my two cynical theories:

    1) While the reunion tours have probably brought in a some nice change, they or Earache are probably itching for a fresh cash-cow, and a new album would probably sell quite well, add merch and more shows and it might just be a deal that’s too good to walk away form.

    2) The reunion tours have been going well and it’s gone to their heads, they think people want more new AtG. While there might be some truth to this most people going to these shows want to hear them play all the songs from SotS, just like anybody going to see Slayer they don’t care about the last ten albums, people just want to hear Reign in Blood. Don’t get me wrong there are people out there who do want a new AtG album, and if it comes out it might even be decent, but I think five years down the line most people will still be spinning SotS.

    • Ah, you’ve brought me down to earth — almost. Can’t argue with any of your observations. So few “reunion” bands have come even close to what made them famous. But, grasping for straws, I was so pleasantly surprised by the Carcass, Gorguts, and Extol albums from last year that I hold out hope for a new AtG, if there is a new AtG. It isn’t possible to recapture SotS, because times have changed and most bands can’t break new ground twice. But if they really do something new, maybe it will be good, and “good” would be good enough.

  5. I’ve read some disturbing things (for example a letter Peter Dolving wrote in August 2012) about some of At the Gates’ band members after the disbanding of the Haunted (the twin were both in the Haunted and in At the Gates) – how they were going for the cash with the reunion tour and pretty much abandoned the Haunted for that – so based upon that I’d say a new album will probably be a cheap cash in. I also keep telling myself that so I won’t be hoping for Slaughter of the Soul pt. 2; because then surely I’ll be disappointed. Then again, Carcass pulled it off, so apparently it’s possible to come back from the dead.

    Anyway, I’m curious whether they’ll be an album at all; if so then of course I’m curious whether the pessimists (I belong to this group) or the optimists were right..

  6. At The Gates shouldn’t do a Slaughter Of The Soul II, any more than Carcass with Heartwork II or Pestilence doing Spheres II. Too much time has passed and there are certain albums put on a pedestal that cannot be recaptured, the same goes for sequels to story driven and/or concept albums. The only one that comes to mind that worked is Crimson II, which took a while to grow on me.

    Would a new At The Gates album be any good? I cannot say that the answer is automatically yes. If it is, it will probably sell reasonably well (for today’s standards). If not, it’ll probably still have decent numbers thanks to fan loyalty.

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