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Germany’s Unholy Prophecies has just released a 7″ split that for me is the stuff of daydreams, even though it sounds like a waking nightmare. The split joins together two of the best and most hellish propagators of old-school death metal who are currently active, and they have both outdone themselves. The bands are Putrevore and Putrefact, and their split is entitled Funebre Plague Into Darkness.


Putrevore is a joint project of Sweden’s Rogga Johansson (RibspreaderPaganizerBone Gnawer, Demiurg, etc.) and Spain’s Dave Rotten (AvulsedChrist Denied). I discovered Putrevore through their second album, 2012’s Macabre Kingdom. If you were looking for pure, unadulterated, unforgiving, horrific death metal in 2012, you couldn’t go wrong with that record. You still can’t. It’s an unstoppable battle tank that’s both catastrophic in its atmospherics and also strangely addictive, so much so that I included one of its tracks on our list of the year’s “Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs”.

Putrevore’s track on the new split is “A Cold Grasp In the Night”, and it’s utterly obliterating. The riffs come fast and furious, like an over-heated pile-driver fueled by an accelerant that puts gasoline to shame. The drumming is superb, and superbly merciless. And Dave Rotten’s vocals sound like they’re welling up from a deep sewer that hasn’t been flushed clean in decades. And before the song ends, it dives into an off-speed crush-fest that’s just as compelling as the full-bore adrenaline surge that precedes it. A thoroughly energizing song that will zap you right in the brainstem. Check it out:




Putrefact are a relatively new band from Mexico consisting of past and present members from other bands such as DisgorgeRavager, and Havavitz. They produced a demo in 2012 and a 2013 EP on the Pulverised label entitled Of Those Who Were Deceased, which I reviewed here. You can hear that monstrosity and acquire it at this location.

Putrefact’s song is “Mórbido Obscuro”, and it’s a fitting complement to Putrevore’s track. It’s caked in old-school grit and grime, charged with rapidly grinding guitars, a snare-heavy percussion attack, and frightening vocal groans and banshee shrieks that echo with inhuman malignance. Like Putrevore’s song, “Mórbido Obscuro” is a high-speed assault, but there’s a groove in the song’s mid-section that’s guaranteed to produce a Pavlovian headbang response. So evil, so delicious.



The year is still young, but I have a feeling that even 11 months from now this little split will still be standing as one of the best short old-school death metal releases of the year. You can buy it on vinyl or download it digitally at the following location. The eye-catchingly morbid cover art, which goes so well with the color scheme of our humble site, is by Maggot of All Things Rotten.



  1. ok, this just might be the greatest split EVER

    • Glad you like this! It sure blew me away.

      • i also checked out Ribspreader and Demiurg (i hadn’t heard of them before now) and they are totally awesome!

        • Hell yes — Rogga has so many projects going, and I dig all of them. I’d recommend Bone Gnawer as well as those others, and one of the newest releases comes from another of his bands named Megascavenger, Also worth checking out:


          • i’ll definitely check out both of those, thanks!

          • Hey, you know what?? The songs on the 1st album of MEGASCAVENGER were all intended to be for the 2nd PUTREVORE álbum, but I just told Rogga that they weren’t heavy and brutal enough for PUTREVORE, hehe!! They’re more in the traditional Rogga’s songwriting, so we skipped them all and ended up writing all new songs and then used the rejected stuff for this personal project, which ended up sounding very good by the way. Also, on the 2nd album I’m singing a whole song. Well, at least I recorded a complete song, but don’t know if he’ll end up using everything or what…

            • Yeah man, if you’re referring to the new Megascavenger, you’re there — and in some good company. Here’s the track list:

              1. At The Plateaus Of Leng (Vocals by DAVE INGRAM of Bolt Thrower/Benediction)
              2. The Festered Earth (Vocals by KAM LEE of Massacre)
              3. And Then The Death Sets In (Vocals by AAD KLOOSTERWAARD of Sinister)
              4. The Mucus Man (Vocals by MARTIN VAN DRUNEN of Asphyx/Hail of Bullets)
              5. Like Comets Burn The Ether (Vocals by DAVE ROTTEN of Avulsed)
              6. When Death Kills The Silence (Vocals by FELIX STASS of Crematory)
              7. The Hand Of Bereavment (Vocals by ILKKA JARVENPÄÄ of National Napalm Syndicate)
              8. Back To The Ancient (Vocals by BRYNJAR HELGETUN of Crypticus)
              9. Night Of The Grand Obscenity (Vocals by ROGGA JOHANSSON of ubiquitous fame haha)

  2. Thanx a lot for the killer review!! Even if I still haven’t got this vinyl in my hands (ther were mailed to me yesterday), I can see on the photos that Unholy Prophecies Records did a splendid job (again!) and can’t wait to put my dirty hands over this slab of vinyl!! PUTREFACT is a great newcomer, so keep an eye open for this band!!

    PUTREVORE & PUTREFACT… this is defintely the most putrid split EP… EVER!! haha!!

    • Oh man! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m greedily awaiting the arrival of the vinyl at my putrid dwelling too. And in the meantime I’ve been blasting my earholes with this on a regular basis. You guys did such a fantastic job… Going to be tough for anyone to top this as the year rolls on.

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