Jan 302014

These dudes may wear black veils, but they are not Black Veil Brides. Make no mistake about that. Their name is Wrong, they’re a black metal band who hail from Madrid, Spain, and they have recently released an official video for a song named “They Look At Me”. I discovered it via Terrorizer, and I’ve quickly become enthralled by it. Wrong explain the concept behind their music as follows:

The universe of Wrong focuses their concept on a post-apocalyptic and dystopian earth, where the few people that remain after a devastating earthquake in the core of the earth, struggling for survival in the most disheartening misery between death, sickness, wild clans, cannibalism and savagery, the vision of a dystopian and gray future where the worst stories of human decadence are narrated through obscure passages only for the wandering, abandoned and the wretched souls.

“They Look At Me” is both chilling and beautiful, both sorrowful and vitriolic. It has a vivid, compelling bass line that makes its presence known almost immediately; a sweeping, melancholy melody that insinuates itself into the memory; moments of ravaging tremolo evisceration and assaulting blast-beats; entrancing keyboard notes that come and go like wraiths; and a vocalist who sounds like a rabid wolf.

The video consists of footage of Wrong performing the song live over the album track, masked and veiled and shrouded in shadow and smoke. Check it out next. And be aware that Wrong have finished recording their second album, Pessimistic Outcomes. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for that release…

P.S. Only after writing this post I discovered that Memories of Sorrow is available as a “pay what you want” download on Bandcamp, where it can also be ordered on vinyl and CD. So, in addition to adding that link, I’m also including the full-album stream after the video. Now excuse me while I go download that album….




  4 Responses to “WRONG: “THEY LOOK AT ME” (A VIDEO)”

  1. Excellent! And definitely not BVB, thankfully (after enduring a summer on tour with that 2-bit Motley Crue, i can say with certainty if i never hear them again it will be too soon). Alway enjoy post-apocalyptic concepts – i’ll be purchasing this momentarily! Hauntingly delicious. Thanks!

  2. Bloody Hell! Great track, gonna check out the album

  3. Good stuff. That album shall be waiting for me in my email.

  4. not sure what i think of the veils, but the music is damn good

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