Jan 302014

Noctem are from Valencia, Spain. Their 2011 album Oblivion was a favorite of this site (Andy Synn reviewed it here and named it to one of his lists of 2011′s top albums). Noctem are now ramping up for the release of a new album entitled Exilium, which will be available in North America on March 3. Last week we featured an advance track from the album named “Eidolon”, which has been streaming on SoundCloud, and now the band have also provided a worm-ridden lyric video for the song.

I’ve been spinning this song a lot since first hearing it. To quote what I wrote about it last week, it explodes with percussive ferocity, bestial roars, and winding riffs. Equal parts thunderous death metal and ripping melodic black metal, the music has an air of monstrous grandeur counterbalanced by a dark, swirling guitar melody — and it includes a brief, surprising acoustic interlude. It’s a riveting listen, and the track is such a grabber that I’ve already added it as a candidate for our list of 2014’s “Most Infectious Songs”.

In the words of frontman/songwriter Beleth, “‘Eidolon’ talks about the ancient Sumerian demons Thamuz and Ereshkigal, which is the queen of the underworld; destruction of the earth and proclamation of a self-destructive and anti-Christian ideology”. Gaze upon the lyric video next and let the music infest your head. 



  8 Responses to “NOCTEM: “EIDOLON” (THE LYRIC VIDEO)”

  1. Poser band

  2. This is the second time in less than a week I’ve gotten excited to see this band’s name pop up, only to realize they aren’t Noctum. Stop toying with my emotions.

  3. An excellent song, but I don’t think a lyric video was the right choice for it. The actual lyricism is…lackluster. It sounds great when it’s being roared at you, but when you can actually read what’s being said, you begin to see that it’s a bit disappointing…

    • Agreed. Not to mention they misspelt “vengeance”.

      Sometimes I get the feeling that some death metallers think their lyrics are not as important because nobody can understand them anyway. Or maybe they’re death metallers because they can’t write good lyrics to save their lives…

      In any case, ’tis sad for me and others who enjoy meaningful, intricate and/or eloquent lyrics. It all boils down to taste, I suppose.

  4. this song gets better every time i hear it

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