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(In this post TheMadIsraeli enthusiastically reviews the new, second album by Pennsylvania’s Fisthammer.)

Now this is some no fucking mercy shit right here.  Fisthammer (dat name) play some no-nonsense, frigid, piercing, putrid death metal.  Calling to mind Carcass, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Hate Eternal, Immolation, some old At the Gates, and Origin, their sophomore album Infallible is indeed, for lack of a better term, infallible.  This Downingtown, PA threesome are a death metal titan to be reckoned with.  Summoning all that is sinister and alien, Fisthammer’s sound is that of third-world torture, absolute fucking carnage laid bare with explosive fury.  The riffs are tasty, the vocals putrid and waste-covered, the drumming unrelenting, technical and filled with detail.  Combine this with progressive tendencies, and Infallible may find itself as a first candidate for defining albums of 2014.

The first bit of physical abuse comes in the rather proggy opener “Arithmos Tou Therou”.  Eerie chords, tremolo-picked on classical guitars, ring in, before the introduction of a riff that sounds like a funeral procession.  The drawn-out intro sets the tone perfectly, before Fisthammer assault you with a blistering volley of tremolo-picked guitar interplay.  The guitar work is pronounced yet intricate and shows an insane level of sophistication.  Guitarist and vocalist Max Svalgard has the gift of the riff, on top of his bestial roars from hell itself, driving the music.

The methodical yet savage nature of the opener soon proves itself only a warm up though, because the flesh-tearing whirlwind of “Evoking the Wrath of the Revenants” takes no prisoners.  With jarring transitions, riffs born from the mind of an otherworldly being, and a complete disregard for breathing room, this is where Fisthammer truly introduce themselves.

You know, I often have a scathing cynicism when it comes to new talent in death metal.  So much of it is the same tired stuff, or it’s written badly, or it’s both.  Fisthammer suffer from neither problem and, dare I say it, Infallible is a perfect album from front to back.  I haven’t felt this excited for a newer death metal band in FOREVER.

Absolutely killer, 10/10, throw money at them please.



  18 Responses to “FISTHAMMER: “INFALLIBLE””

  1. It’s unfortunate that the artwork is of a rather cliched variety, as I totally agree this is some badass shit!

  2. Between this band, Rivers of Nihil, and Black Crown Initiate, it’s starting to feel like there’s a scene developing in that corner of PA that’s not Philiadelphia. Yay PA!

  3. My band opened for these guys, Master, and Sacrificial Slaughter when they came through SLC. I was making out with a girl for most of their set and missed a lot of their music… Will have to check out this album!

  4. Very cool. Some Black Dahlia-like sounds coming from the group, but with less of a hardcore influence.

  5. Bandcamp is so cool. I wish more labels used it.
    This album is so fucking awesome, and I threw them some money.
    You know I think my favorite part is how they’ve split the guitars across the channels and they play off each other while the drummer bangs out crazy rhythms. Sometimes they just change the tempo on you which gets my attention from the fast pace. Oh, and the classical guitar use is so sweet to lead in or get you attention before punishment.
    The vocals are pretty mean. I prefer the deeper vocals over the higher ones. There are slightly higher vocals mixed in, but it’s a good mix.
    Bangers back to back.
    Spin it a few and you’ll probably buy it.

  6. this sounds awesome!!! and i actually think the album art is pretty cool, too 🙂

  7. Here comes PA again! This is the shit!

  8. Great stuff. And to put a happier cover on something like this would be disingenuous, false advertising.

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