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2014 has barely begun and it has already delivered a slew of mouthwatering new releases. But few have caused your humble editor to salivate in anticipation quite like the forthcoming 12″ split by Maine’s Falls of Rauros and Kentucky’s Panopticon. Finally, it is has been sent to the pressing plant and is now ready for pre-order. I am here (having wiped the slobber from my face) to deliver many enticing details that were just disclosed this morning — including a nearly 17-minute trailer of music.

Detail No. 1:  That fantastic cover art you see above. Click the image to view a larger version.

Detail No. 2:  The Falls of Rauros side consists of two songs: “Unavailing” (11:53) and “The Purity of Isolation” (6:45). The Panopticon side consists of four songs: “Through Mountains I Wander This Evening” (4:33), Can You Loan Me A Raven?” (7:29), “Gods of Flame” (4:26), and “One Cold Night” (7:56). No need to get out your calculator — the split brings a total of more than 43 minutes of music. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the song titles, the music was inspired by the time that both bands spent in Norway.

Detail No. 3:  Bindrune Recordings, which is releasing the split, describes the Panopticon music (in part) as follows: “The mountains, landscapes, and memories of living and studying in Norway have crept into Austin/Panopticon’s ever evolving and vital sound to embody more of a stripped down and dark Norwegian BM influenced atmosphere for this release which harkens back to Panopticon’s more aggressive and raw S/T album…. The 4 songs on this split embrace the pure essence and influence of the 90′s Norwegian black metal movement in all of its driving, chilling and endlessly atmospheric grimness.”

Detail No. 4:  Bindrune’s description of the Falls of Rauros tracks includes these words: “While maintaining a ferocity that was felt on The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood, Falls of Rauros skillfully reach outward with free flowing and at times tranquil guitar work that truly brings even more life in to co-exist within their already impressive songwriting skills. Falls achieve evolution without forsaking their past.”

Detail No. 5:  The split will be limited to 500 copies (and will include a digital download card), in three colors: ½ Black, ½ Clear; white; and black. The first 100 pre-orders of the 12” in any color combination will receive screen-printed logo patches from both bands.

Detail No. 6:  Along with the split, Bindrune is also now selling a brand new Panopticon shirt. Gaze upon it:

Detail No. 7:  The Bindrune page devoted to the split also tells us this about Panopticon’s forthcoming full-length album: “[Panopticon’s music for the split] is in no way indicative of the genre bending and highly evolved impending full-length, Roads to the North, in which Austin [Lunn] has pulled out all the stops to create his most personal and technically amazing material yet that finds melodic death metal elements entering an already rich color pallet of sound.”

Detail No. 8: Bindrune also tells us that Falls of Rauros have a new full-length coming our way, entitled Believe in No Coming Shore.

Detail No. 9:  That “teaser” of music from the split. At nearly 17 minutes, it’s a hefty tease, and you can hear it below. For even more details, including info about pre-orders, visit this page:


I guess I should say that no one involved with this project asked me to write about it. I do so out of respect for the musicians and the label. I have already given them my money. Here’s why:



  1. Sounds damn good, ordered!

  2. I can’t watch the video from my current location, and I don’t have a turntable, but yet I still have a boner. I can’t wait for the full length Falls of Rauros album and hopefully a tour in support of it!

  3. hell yes this is going to rule!!!!!!!!!!! ordered!!!!

  4. I absolutely cannot wait! This will be one of the best releases of the year for sure!

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