Feb 122014

Just about a week ago we reported that Septic Flesh had become Septicflesh and had completed the recording of a new album — an album made in collaboration with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir and a full children’s choir.

Today brought us a few more updates. First, the album’s name will be Titan. Second, the band released Part 1 of a video about the creation of the album. In this one, guitarist and composer Christos Antoniou presents the recording sessions with the Prague Philharmonic. You can see that after the jump.

And third, since the band have unified their two-word name, they need a new logo, don’t they? And after the jump you can see that, too, via a short animation

The album will be released this summer via Season of Mist for Europe and via Prosthetic Records for America.


  12 Responses to “SEPTICFLESH: “TITAN” IS COMING”

  1. I’ve got three words: Yes, yes, YES!!!
    (Was that too enthusiastic?)

  2. Great news!
    Btw, Deathcode Society have just posted a short new track and I can’t decide for which album I’m more stoked.


  3. Cue anticipatory salivation….. this would have to be the biggest release I’m looking forward to this year. I remember on the Great Mass behind the scenes they were saying that orchestra has done some horror movie soundtracks as well – The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Hostel come to mind. They seem to love their modified Sennheiser HD201’s 🙂

  4. dang, that clip was too short!!

  5. Had a chance to interview these guys for The Great Mass promo cycle. I’m still amazed at not only how much work and detail they put into these albums but the fact they can easily now get a childrens choir and a Philharmonic orchestra to play on said albums. Soak that in…..A bunch of parents let the kids sing on essentially a death metal album and that’s awesome:)

    Most bands of this level are worried about meeting crowd funding goals or if they will sell enough merch on the road to cover their expenses. But Septicflesh must have some lucrative side projects (album cover artistry) because no fucks are given about getting the most epic, grandiose sounds together to fill in for the blasphemous death metal. Pretty stoked for this next album to say the least.

    • I hadn’t consciously thought about either of those points: paying for this and… children!. I don’t know what this means, unless I just subconsciously assume that Septicflesh are magicians.

  6. Fucking fuck yeah please let this be a June release and not a September one… I don’t think I would be able to wait that long!

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