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Here are three songs, two of which I just discovered and one (in the middle) that I’ve been meaning to write about for weeks. What they have in common you will find out soon enough.


I have our contributor Leperkahn to thank for this new discovery, which premiered today. It’s a song called “Lethal Pleasure”, and man, is that the truth. The band is Lost Society. They are from Finland, and Nuclear Blast plans to release their second album, Terror Hungry, on April 4.

I think it’s appropriate to disclose (again) that I’m probably the least appropriate of our writers to comment about thrash, because I’ve never been an enormous fan of the genre and have an even lower tolerance for the new wave of “re-thrash” bands. On the other hand, maybe my extreme pickiness when it comes to thrash will add weight to the enthusiasm I intend to express for “Lethal Pleasure”: It’s just a blistering, hell-on-wheels blast of speed metal, shot through with super-heated riffs and crazy soloing and some nice melodic hooks. It’s so damned much fun that the gang shouts make sense. Here you go:





Benevolent currently reside in Dubai, in the federation of the United Arab Emirates, though the band was formed in Kuwait by two Lebanese brothers, Hadi Sarieddine and Fadi Sarieddine. Their debut album The Covenant is projected for digital release on March 18, and it features drumming by Andols Herrick, formerly of Chimaira.

What I’ve heard from the album so far is a YouTube clip that combines two songs which appear back-to-back on the album — “The Seeker” and “Radiate”. They go well together, with what I assume is the second song functioning as a dreamlike outro for the first. They deliver: jolting riffage, jolting drumwork, deathly roars, clean singing in the very catchy chorus that even I can tolerate, effective incorporation of electronica elements, a beautiful swirling guitar solo that will spin your head all the way around (which in my case got it facing forward again), and a meditative finish.

Benevolent’s previous EP, Divided, is available for a price you name on Bandcamp via the link below.





Maximum the Hormone are a Japanese band whose origins date back to around 1998. I’m not familiar with their music, although from what I’ve read they are described as combining (or dabbling in) such diverse genres as metal, punk, hardcore, pop, and ska. Their most recent studio album, Yoshu Fukushu, was released last July.

This morning, my comrade TheMadIsraeli linked me to an official Maximum the Hormone video, also from last July. I don’t know the name of the song since the video title is in Japanese, but both the music and the video are utterly nuts. To be clear, I consulted a psychiatrist, and that’s an official diagnosis.

I have many questions about this thing, but here are three:  “What the fuck?”  “What the hell is a winny upload”?  “Who let those children near these deviants?”



  1. Maximum the Hormone always puts a smile on my face. Pure Japanese madness.
    Propably my favourite track is the one with the pretty title “Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero”

    I’ve once read someone comparing them as a mix of System of a Down and Red Hot Chili Peppers, which I find is comes pretty close.

  2. Maximum The Hormone is positively beautiful, and might be one of the most distinctly Japanese bands I’ve ever heard. I got my friend into them way harder than I ever have, so I’ll have to ask him where is best to start.

    I highly recommend Lost Society’s debut, Fast Loud Death. It bursts at the seams with youthful speed, impulsivity, and aggression.

  3. Gang shouts always make sense.


  4. sixty seconds in i knew i was going to love the Lost Society track, totally awesome! and damn, Maximum the Hormone is crazy good!

  5. So if you liked what you heard from Maximum the Hormone, here are a few songs that may tickle your pickle:

    Not all of the links are official music videos, so some with be fan made with the music as backing.

    1. “マキシマム ザ ホルモン”- This is the opening track from the album and has a bit more heaviness than usual for Maximum the Hormone. This being NCS, I’m assuming you all would be pretty apprehensive about that. The song does end with a victorious chant.

    2. “Buiikikaesu” – This one has some sweet shoulder-shaking funk with the typical craziness but does feature one of their best choruses with the drummer’s vocals

    3. “Koi No Mega Lover” – A somewhat run-of-the-mill Maximum the Hormone song, (so more ridiculousness). I recommend this one since it’s catchy and is their most well-known song since it was featured on an anime (I want to say Bleach, but don’t quote me.

    4.”Zetsubou Billy” – another sweet banger. It also has some really entertaining random English words interjected with Japanese. Also, really audible bass.

    5. “Kuso breaking nou breaking Lilly” – And finally, my personal favorite. This song is just really, really, fucking happy. It has high pitched fast screamed vocals with a ska-like backing. It’s the happiest form of schizophrenia you can probably listen to.

    Now go forth, and revel in the beauty of Japan.

  6. Also, a quick fun fact (sorry in advance):
    The guitarist for Maximum the Hormone (the big bearded one), has a “celebrity” endorsement deal for a male sex toy, the Tenga deep throat masturbatory aid (porn not included). Here’s a metalsucks article on the topic:

    Again, sorry for any unsavory images this information has caused.

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