Feb 132014

Here are three songs, two of which I just discovered and one (in the middle) that I’ve been meaning to write about for weeks. What they have in common you will find out soon enough.


I have our contributor Leperkahn to thank for this new discovery, which premiered today. It’s a song called “Lethal Pleasure”, and man, is that the truth. The band is Lost Society. They are from Finland, and Nuclear Blast plans to release their second album, Terror Hungry, on April 4.

I think it’s appropriate to disclose (again) that I’m probably the least appropriate of our writers to comment about thrash, because I’ve never been an enormous fan of the genre and have an even lower tolerance for the new wave of “re-thrash” bands. On the other hand, maybe my extreme pickiness when it comes to thrash will add weight to the enthusiasm I intend to express for “Lethal Pleasure”: It’s just a blistering, hell-on-wheels blast of speed metal, shot through with super-heated riffs and crazy soloing and some nice melodic hooks. It’s so damned much fun that the gang shouts make sense. Here you go: Continue reading »

Feb 182013

Hey, happy fucking Monday to all you brain-dead metal heads. Here’s a big collection of new music and news that I came across at the start of my bleary-eyed morning today.


I’ve confessed before that straight-up old-school thrash is not among the metal genres that are nearest and dearest to my black heart. In addition, I’ve become even more numb due to the avalanche of re-thrash releases by many new bands who all sound alike to me. But with that said, I’m digging the shit out of a new song clip that premiered today by a Finnish band named Lost Society.

The song title alone hooked me: “Braindead Metal Head”. And then the music Finnish-ed me off. It’s a jet-fueled, out-of-control thrash rocket with multiple warheads. The riffing is catchy as fuck, the vocals are pleasingly drunk on the high energy, and the obligatory guitar solo is a first-class trip to shred city. This is speed metal I can get behind.

The video strings together words of high praise by the likes of Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Schmier (Destruction), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Craig Locicero (Forbidden), and Kragen Lum (Heathen), and they might know what they’re talking about. Continue reading »