Feb 182014

If Facebook had a problem with one nipple on Benighted’s album cover, I can barely imagine their reaction to this baby (I’m thinking heart attack, stroke, and rectal prolapse all at once). It’s the demented cover art by tattooist/musician Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Twilight) for Death Mask, the forthcoming album by Chicago’s Lord Mantis. Today, Profound Lore disclosed additional info about the album, which is on my highly anticipated list.

Even before seeing the latest news, the album was already on my mind, based on a brief conversation I had with the band’s bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell following a stellar Abigail Williams set in Seattle last Friday. Fell is the drummer for Abigail Williams on that band’s current tour, and in a turnabout-is-fair-play kind of arrangement, Abigail Williams’ frontman/guitarist Ken Sorceron is the newest member of Lord Mantis. Rounding out the Lord Mantis line-up are guitarist/vocalist Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi) and drummer Bill Bumgardner (Indian).

2012’s Pervertor was horrifying. I shudder to think what this particular foursome have accomplished on the new album.

The additional info disclosed today, in addition to the cover art and album title, is that Death Mask will be released on April 29 and that it consists of 54 minutes of disturbing, nihilistic punishment recorded by Sanford Parker, who seems to record almost everything worth hearing that emanates from Chicago.

I also found out that Lord Mantis will be appearing on the final night of NYC’s Martyrdoom III festival at St Vitus bar on July 1. And get a load of who else will be performing that night: Mournful Congregation, Lycus, Vilkacis, and Evoken. Methinks that St Vitus needs to reinforce the foundations of the venue between now and then. Sucks that I’ll on the other side of the continent that night, though I’ll have better odds of surviving to see July 2, so there’s that.

Follow this page for more album details… or just stick around NCS.


  7 Responses to “LORD MANTIS! (“DEATH MASK” IS COMING)”

  1. “Fell is the drummer for Abigail Williams on that band’s current tour…”

    Well, not every date. Jesse Beahler played drums for them at the Reading, PA gig (maybe others as well?) and was absolutely phenomenal.

  2. I’d like, have less of a problem if the monster took pubic grooming precautions.

  3. The amount of strange sexual fetishes compiled in that album art is impressive, and disturbing.

  4. hell yeah FB is going to ban it, do you see how careless she/he’s being with that needle??

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