Apr 062014

Mile markers along the pathway into the void:

In February we brought you video of a previously unreleased song by the mysterious entity known as Ævangelist, a video announced in a message that concluded as follows:  “For now, we will withdraw into the temple of our muse and begin the recording of Æ III.”

On April 2, we observed a further message: “Progression of the aeon-dead academia of transcendent evil; Soon we will reveal the name of the third Ævangelist album.”

Today, a video message appeared, emanating from the Abysscape wherein Ævangelist dwell.

We have obtained the text of what you will hear. It follows the video below.




“Hey mom, dad, Evan…

I want to thank you all for everything you did for me, and I need you to realize that I made my own decisions through life that led me to where I am now.

I’ve become a part of something really important, something I have been searching for my entire life, but never finding it.

I looked for these things in my studies, in my hopes, in my dreams, in relationships, and religion. And while all these things held a piece of myself, I’ve still just been incomplete.

Sometimes the past has a way of staying with you, carrying the things that you fear the most forever.

I was so afraid my whole life.

I prayed, I ran away, I waited for so long for God to answer me. The last time I prayed, I prayed for God to give me the strength to die, and I believe my prayers were answered, but not at all how I thought they would be.

All of my worries, all of my sins, all of my fears are meaningless in the face of this.

Everything is going to be better now.

I never needed God, I never needed Satan.

I’m in the Abysscape now, and I’m ready to perceive the emptiness of infinity.

It is my role on this earth to begin to destroy your ignorance, to evangelize you. I want to witness to you right now, all of you.

We’re not alone. It’s so wonderful, can’t you imagine it? We’re really not alone in the universe; we go somewhere after we die.

I always believed in God, but it’s because I wanted to believe in something.

I could have never imagined something more. We are not alone now.

I’ve heard it calling me from the murky darkness of the ever after; the living eternity.

I can never return to my former life. And I know you can’t possibly begin to understand any of this, but you will soon.

I haven’t even told you the best part of all of this!

We are going to be able to prove it to everyone soon, because they are coming, crashing down from a new Heaven; the consumption of our existence.

I don’t want you to forget about me, but if it helps to pretend I’ve died, that’s okay too.

I’m not ordinary anymore. Please don’t look for me.

I did it. I found something in my life.

So many people will never find anything to give their life purpose.”


  1. this is fantastically creepy and cool 🙂 awesome awesome awesome 🙂

  2. I like the fact they are recording a third record and I liked the video even if I seriously thought it was seriously creepy!

  3. …damn
    And I will be seeing this band on my birthday in May! It’s gonna be so good!

  4. “I could have never imagined something more. We are not alone now.”


  5. Sick! Band is the darkest.

  6. Its Angela Gossow isn’t it? It’s always Angela Gossow.

    I know another commenter made that joke in the Bloodbath post, but now it pops into my head whenever there is mystery surrounding anything and I still laugh at it.

  7. That video feels like the beginning of a creepypasta.

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