Apr 132014

With a new album named Morning Wood, colorful cover art depicting nymphs bestowing their pastoral charms on a massive bull, and a description of themselves as Swiss farmers who “abandoned their shovels and harvesters to take on a different type of instruments, with the goal of becoming icons of sex, alcohol and rock’n’roll”, you might conclude that Voice of Ruin don’t take themselves too seriously. And you would be right. But their “horny farmer metal” kicks bushelfuls of ass, as you’re about to find out.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the band’s official lyric video for the new album’s third track, “Through the Eyes of Machete”. Both the song and the video are an homage to the central figure of the Machete movies of Robert Rodriguez and a celebration of, well, killing and fucking. What could be more metal?

As for the music, it’s a high-voltage, jackhammering, heavy-grooved romp, with guitars that swarm like hornets when they’re not punching holes all over the landscape, and a vocalist who sounds like a timber wolf. Apparently, they harvest hops in Switzerland with chainsaws and heavy artillery, with occasional pauses for catchy melodic drinking songs.

Photo by Jacques Apothéloz

Okay, maybe just chainsaws. Those other implements are obviously props.

Morning Wood will be released by Tenacity Music on April 25, 2014. Physical copies will be available for order here, as well as on the Voice of Ruin Bandcamp page, where it’s available digitally as well.

Beginning April 29, Voice of Ruin will be on tour in Japan with The Black Dahlia Murder and Fleshgod Apocalypse, and that promises to be a head-wrecking good time. More links are below, followed by our premiere of “Through the Eyes of Machete”.




  1. the fact that this is a tribute to the Machete movies is just too damn awesome, and the music is pretty badass as well 🙂

  2. Kinda wish I lived in Japan right now to see that tour 🙂

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