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John Martin: “The Deluge” (1834)

As I mentioned yesterday, the past week brought good song and video premieres in a flood, which was unfortunate only in the sense that I didn’t have time to write about all those discoveries day-by-day as they happened. So this weekend I decided to just flood you with them, leaving behind all but some short snippets of my own sparkling prose and mainly delivering the streams, along with release info.

Yesterday I collected 11 (!) new songs and videos, plus a couple of tantalizing news items, and today I’ve got 12 more, plus a few more news items. Once again, I present them in alphabetical order:


The Song: “Apotheosis of the Hangman”
From: Dismembering the Image of God
Release info: self-released by the band on April 7; below is a new video for the opening track

Vicious melodic death metal with flying fretwork that gets more interesting and seductive as the song progresses. Punches pretty damned hard, too.




The Song: “Collider”
From: The Old Believer
Release info: June 10, 2014, via Profound Lore

A bit of a surprise from this band — there’s beauty as well as acid in this song. Really well-crafted music, with staying power.






The Song: “Eventide”
From: Hail Death
Release info: May 27, 2014, from Relapse Records

Riveting NY black metal — scathing, bleak, thrashing, galvanizing. With an instrumental break that’s a very cool departure from the rest of the song. This album promises to be a high point of 2014.




The Song: Not a full song, just an album teaser
From: Nothing But the Whole
Release info: May 2014 via Dark Descent

Just a tease, but holy shit, does it tease — like beckoning horrors.




This is a news item. Enthroned’s new album Sovereigns, which will be released April 15 by Agonia Records, is streaming in full at the following location. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll listen to it. We reviewed it here.





The Song: “Turn the Knife” (official video below)
From: The Undying
Release info: No release date or label yet; we’ll be watching for more news.

This song is a massive headbang trigger. It stomps, it flies, it crawls through congealing pits of tar, it’s death metal awesomeness.




The Song: “Bloodcraft of Andromeda”
From: Sempiternal Void
Release info: The album was released digitally last fall, and physically on March 14 of this year by Blasphemic Hymns Productions. The song below got a stream premiere via Terrorizer two days ago.

Creepy, disturbing, alien, monstrous, claustrophobic, cataclysmic. A potent, void-faring blend of doom, death, and black metal that gives new meaning to the phrase “soul-sucking”.






The Song: “Overcome”
From: Back To Where You’ve Never Been
Release info: The album was released in 2013; this is a new video of the band performing the song live on French TV.

Very fucking tight. This jolting performance kicks large quantities of ass.




The Song: “VI.Sec”
From: Esoteric Warfare
Release info: June 6, 2014, from Season of Mist

This will probably prove controversial among the ranks of Mayhem fandom. A generally slow combo of black and death metal with vocals that screech and roar and croak, flurries of instrumental extravagance, and an avant-garde air. I thought it was really interesting.

It premiered exclusively at these places, so you’ll need to go to one of them to listen.





The Song: “Phantom Hate”
From: Hymns of Ahriman
Release info: Haven’t seen a release date yet.

Instrumentally flashy and unpredictable, kind of tech-death-grind with progressive diversions (if you can wrap your head around that) — but you can groove to it, too. Seriously, there’s an awful lot going on in this surprising song. Prepare for a head trip.







This is another news item. Last week Panopticon revealed the cover art and track listing for the new album, Roads To the North, which is now finished and headed to the pressing plant. I’m tremendously eager to hear Austin Lunn’s new work. This is the track list:

1.The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong (9:36)
2.Where Mountains pierce the sky (12:43)
3-5. The Long Road ( in 3 movements)
I. One last fire (5:56)
II. Capricious Miles (7:53)
III.The Sigh Of Summer (9:39)
6.Norwegian Nights (3:20)
7. In Silence (9:46)
8.Chase the Grain (12:14)




The Song: “Sepulchral Desolation”
From: Unholier Master
Release info: Release date has not yet been announced; it will be distributed by Iron Bonehead Productions

Blasting, incendiary, blackened death metal that will burn it all to the ground. The bass and drum work come close to stealing the show, even in the midst of this hurricane of unhinged destructive mayhem. Killlllllll…

UPDATE! Just before posting this round-up I found an even more recent Sacrocurse track premiere — “End of Mankind Universe”. I’m including it below, too.







The Song: “Death Returns”
From: Deathmanicvs Revelation (EP)
Release info: March 14, 2014, via Iron Bonehead Productions (two songs from the album are streaming on Bandcamp, and a new one went up on SoundCloud this week)

A wonderfully rancid, distorted, staggering intro followed by a wonderfully rancid, distorted, racing assault. Old-school death metal that’s spewing entrails and occult stench. Electrifying guitar solo, too! Love this with an unholy love.





The Song: “Truck Stop Baby”
From: This is a new vinyl single
Release info: Released on March 31; the video you’re about to see came out last weekend.

Southern-fried swamp-stomp from the UK with fat riffs and boobs. This baby kicks into high gear before it ends. I want beer and wings.

  12 Responses to “SEEN AND HEARD: A STREAM DUMP (PART 2)”

  1. Panopitcon…YES!

    ..and to show my appreciation for this information….here…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyf8XYUDv9M

    ..after four years Truppensturm has finally got some new material coming out…a split album with Thorybos. If youre not familiar with Truppensturm, check out their 2010 full length “Salute to the Iron Emperors”. Totally blistering blackened death

    • Holy shit, that is goddamn decimating, and “Flaming Naphtha” is a great song title for it. Another new discovery for which I bow my head in thanks. I’ll watch for that split.

  2. loved the tracks from Ghoul Patrol, Black Anvil, Skelethal and XII Boar, and i can’t wait for to hear the new Panopticon!

  3. Well shit, now we’ve covered both Phantom Love and Phantom Hate. Surprised to hear Ontogeny go that hard on the chug riff during their intro section. Also, sounds way better now that they aren’t pre-pro tracks. If you folks haven’t checked them out yet, the group is a goddamned whirlwind of music.

  4. I get a Kreator/Skeletonwitch vibe from Ambient Death, which is fantastic.

  5. Wow, Eventide is an incredible song! The slower riff right at the end of the song…perfect.

  6. Wow, that new Enthroned album sounds awesome!

  7. I’m really excited about new Emptiness. Error is excellent. The sampler is short, but it sounds like this might be less thick and dirty, but without losing the atmosphere.

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