Jan 042016

Sacrocurse-Destroying ChapelsNorthless-Cold Migration

Lambs-Betrayed From BirthCold Colours-The Pale Heart

Before we get to the new music, now that the holidays are over I thought I’d check in and give you a forecast of what lies ahead at our site in the first full week of the new year.

As you may have noticed already today, we’re still in LISTMANIA 2015 mode. I haven’t counted how many year-end lists we’ve posted already, but it’s a big number. However, we have more coming, and since I’ve seen them, I can tell you that we still haven’t exhausted all the great releases that 2015 brought our way. My plan is to post two new lists every day this week, and here are some of the authors whose lists will be in that group, including musicians, members of our own staff, and other invited guests:

Amiensus (the band)
Semjaza Shade (Thy Darkened Shade)
Spectral Lore (the band)
Professor D. Grover the XIIIth
Grant Skelton
TheMadIsraeli Continue reading »

Aug 122014


The cover art for Unholier Master, the debut album by Sacrocurse from Monterrey, Mexico, gives you fair warning: What lies within is pure aural hellfire summoned from the deepest sulfur pits of the underworld. It’s a scorching conflagration of bestial black/death that inflicts its punishment with unbridled ferocity and gut-wrenching speed, but matched with the kind of powerhouse grooves that will give the neck muscles of listeners a vigorous workout.

Unholier Master is scheduled for release on CD and vinyl by Hells Headbangers on August 19, with Germany’s Iron Bonehead handling the European vinyl release. The presence of those two labels behind this album probably tells you all you need to know about what the album holds in store, but today we’re bringing you an immediate taste of its poison through the premiere of its fourth track, “Rites of Perverted Idolatry”.

Together, vocalist/guitarist Zolrak Montes aka ZK (Nodens, ex-Unholier, ex-Morbosidad) and drummer LZ push this diabolical music into the red zone on “Rites”, delivering a storm of razor-edged riffs, relentless drum blasts, and inhuman proclamations that leave no doubt who is master of this domain. Continue reading »

Apr 132014

John Martin: “The Deluge” (1834)

As I mentioned yesterday, the past week brought good song and video premieres in a flood, which was unfortunate only in the sense that I didn’t have time to write about all those discoveries day-by-day as they happened. So this weekend I decided to just flood you with them, leaving behind all but some short snippets of my own sparkling prose and mainly delivering the streams, along with release info.

Yesterday I collected 11 (!) new songs and videos, plus a couple of tantalizing news items, and today I’ve got 12 more, plus a few more news items. Once again, I present them in alphabetical order:


The Song: “Apotheosis of the Hangman”
From: Dismembering the Image of God
Release info: self-released by the band on April 7; below is a new video for the opening track

Vicious melodic death metal with flying fretwork that gets more interesting and seductive as the song progresses. Punches pretty damned hard, too. Continue reading »