May 072014

As we’ve been faithfully reporting for months, the Greek symphonic death metal titans Septicflesh have a new album fittingly named Titan that’s coming our way in North America via Prosthetic Records (June 24). We’ve previously featured the first advance track from the album (“Order of Dracul”), and today we have the pleasure of helping premiere a second song named “Burn”.

The name is well-chosen, because the song does indeed burn. Blazing tremolo riffs blacken the music and turn it into a ripping assault. But that’s just for starters. The song also includes a massively headbangable stomping riff — as well as a beautiful soaring melody spun out like glistening gossamer by lead guitar and symphony. It’s a hell of a song.

Titan can be pre-ordered from Prosthetic here. Septicflesh are on Facebook here and their official site is at this location. Now, listen to the new song — and we’re including “Order of Dracul” below as well.

“From the silence of a headless horror, BURN!”



  1. Most people will think this is the best Greek album that comes out in 2014.

    But they must have missed: Aenaon, Hail Spirit Noir & Dead Congregation

    • I can’t quarrel with those picks — they are all great (though in the case of Dead Congregation I’m basing that on only one song so far).

  2. I’m digging Burn a lot more than Order of Dracul, feels a lot more fluid than the first track.

  3. I feel like Dracul is trying to hard for it’s own good.

    Burn is weird (after only 2 listens), almost like they are looking to go more mainstream.

    My question is: has Seth learned to play BASS yet? LOL

    (P.S. The great mass is a tough act to follow. I kinda get the sense this will be like the most recent Behemoth. Good but not to the caliber of prior material)

    • You have damaged your credibility with that remark about The Satanist.

      • You think The Satanist holds a candle to demigod or the one before it?

        Evagenlion was solid and I like it a bit more than The Satanist, which is by no means a bad record. Might be the SCHTICK is wearing off 😉

        • I always have trouble comparing albums. All I really meant was that I think The Satanist is excellent. I haven’t thought very hard about how it compares to other Behemoth works.

          • I have thought about this, and The Satanist is the best, most original thing I think they’ve ever done. Both Demigod and Evangelion are amazing albums, and easily my other two favorites from them, The Satanist is just flat-out better. I’m going to have to join you in respectfully disagreeing with kevinp.

      • This presupposes he had any credibility in the first place.

  4. From the sounds of these advance tracks Titan is going to be quite a different beast than The Great Mass. I’m eager to hear the rest already dammit!

  5. This one’s definitely better than Order of Dracul, for me. Not that Order of Dracul was bad.

  6. Underwhelmed by both tracks, but “Burn” in particular is sub-par.

    Riffing is just about as generic as it’s possible to be. Utterly lifeless and without character. Drumming is over-processed to jiggery, and about the only stand out element of the track as a result. Unfortunately.

    Vocals are just… ehh… they just sound phoned in, both the growls and (especially) the cleans. It’s becoming a worrying concern that without the symphonic embellishments there’s actually not that much to the Septic Flesh sound these days.

    • I agree. I am actually shocked that these two are track that are coming on the new album and are not B-sides or something. I really hope the songs will either grow on me or the rest of the album is much better…

      Such a shame, The Great Mass was easily one of my favorite albums of 2011.

  7. Not was I was expecting.
    It’s not bad but the chorus “burn” really puts me off

    • Are you thinking about the vocals or the chorus music? The vocals kind of took me aback when I first heard them because of how subdued they were in contrast to what was being said, but then it grew on me the more I listened.

  8. How annoying, this band used to be great and one of my favorites, now all they seem to do after coming back after disbanding is just follow the current “we have a orchestra” trend. The days of them pioneering “Atmospheric Death Metal” are long gone and all we are left with is a band that is flat and uninteresting.

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