May 202014

In our continuing efforts to make you aware of high-quality free metal, we bring you new free shit from the dependable Hells Headbangers label. Today, the label made available on Bandcamp a free digital compilation of music from 21 bands, including brand new and upcoming songs from these groups:

Children of Technology
Cemetery Lust

Fans of the underground arts will also recognize many other names on this vile offering (the track list is at the end of this post), including bands as diverse as High Spirits and Inquisition.

In addition to the free digital release, HH is also offering the comp as a free CD for orders through their webstore (here) and at the label’s Maryland Deathfest merch table. They’re also planning to sell a double-LP vinyl pressing at cost during the summer.

As for the cover art, here’s what was explained in the press release we received:

Its cover art, hand-drawn by Antichrist Kramer (Inquisition, Vasaeleth, et al), is clearly an homage to Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, but the entire layout as a whole incorporates minor aesthetic elements from the first six Black Sabbath albums. T-shirts and baseball jerseys featuring the cover art are available to order now, and free stickers of the cover art come with every online order while supplies last.

From the names I recognize, this comp includes a very strong line-up of bands, plus a chance to go exploring through the sounds of bands with whom you may not be familiar. The digital version is available here:

Below you’ll find the complete track list plus a stream of all the music.


Tracklisting for HELLS HEADBANGERS’ Compilation Volume 7

1. EVILNIGHT – Evil Knight
3. FORCE OF DARKNESS – Babylon Prison
4. NOCTURNAL GRAVES – Ascension Through Lucifers Might
5. ZEMIAL – Under Scythian Command
6. HIGH SPIRITS – One Thousand Nights
7. MIDNIGHT – The Final Rape of Night
8. BARBATOS – Goodbye High School Girls
9. SHITFUCKER – Sex Dungeon
10. WITCH CROSS – Rocking the Night Away
11. NUNSLAUGHTER – Emperor In Hell
12. NUNSLAUGHTER – Doomtown
13. NEKROFILTH – Junkie Cunt
14. GOUGE – Devil’s Debt
15. INQUISITION – Embraced by the Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction
16. SACROCURSE – Sepulchral Desolation
17. CENTURIAN – Blood For Satan
18. CEMETERY LUST – Mass Grave Orgy
19. FRONT BEAST – Demon Ways of Sorcery
20. TIGER JUNKIES – Sex Sex Sex
21. OCTOBER 31 – The Warlock




  1. This is really cool. I already get all the HH releases–and write about them often. If anyone doesn’t understand how awesome this label is, this should convince them.

    That Nekrofilth track is especially catchy.

    Are you listening, people? This is what metal is!

  2. the Nocturnal Graves track is pretty killer 🙂

  3. The cover is totes legit and the Barbatos song fucking rips. An A+ compilation.

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