Jun 102014

Arch Enemy live at Sweden Rock — photo by Am. Creations, used with permission.

The new album from Arch Enemy, War Eternal, is being released today in North America by Century Media and to celebrate the occasion we bring you the premiere of the band’s official video for the album’s fifth track, “No More Regrets”.

For a genre of music that at its core is about wrecking convention, metal has a surprising number of fans who tend to resist change. Arch Enemy, of course, experienced a big change this year with the end of the Angela Gossow era and her replacement by new frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. That has led to some upheaval in the ranks of the Arch Enemy faithful — an upheaval that has sometimes seemed to overshadow the music on War Eternal itself, which happens to be excellent.

As our writer Andy Synn put it in his review of the new album, “[T]he recent changes to the band’s line-up really are a blessing in disguise. Throughout War Eternal the new Arch Enemy sound renewed and re-energised, a band firing on all cylinders and with something to prove – to themselves as much as to everyone else…. [The album] succeeds in taking the by-now familiar formula of the Arch Enemy sound and sharpening it, strengthening it, giving it teeth and claws and a fresh appetite for destruction.”

“No More Regrets” marries the kind of “prog-power” guitar showmanship and hard-driving riffs that have become two of the band’s hallmarks to a thunderous backbone of earth-shaking drums and rumbling bass work, while Alissa White-Gluz proves herself on the song to be a more than able replacement for the woman who led the band through its defining era. And the video, by the band’s long-time collaborator Patric Ullaeus, is as fun to watch as the music is to hear.

War Eternal can now be ordered digitally in Europe and North America at iTunes and AmazonMP3. The album is also available in a variety of physical formats at CM Distro and the band’s web siteArch Enemy’s Facebook page is here.

Now, check out the premiere of “No More Regrets”:



  1. I’ve been really unimpressed with everything I’ve heard with this album so far…

  2. Everything Ive heard off of this album is painfully boring. They dont feel renewed or re-energized..they just feel like the Cannibal Corpse of Swedish melodeath

    • I have to respectfully disagree with your statement about Cannibal Corpse. From your comment, I believe you’re saying Cannibal Corpse have been pretty boring as of late. I think their two newest albums are some of their best work! Love your middle finger icon, by the way. Great stuff.

      • Thats fine man…If Cannibal Corpse is still doing something for you, Ive got no problems with that. Personally, while Cannibal Corpse will always have their place in heavy metal, I think theyve completely run out of ideas and have just been coasting along, much like Arch Enemy… but I can respect that you still dig them

  3. I actually don’t care about the song at all. But Angela Gossaw: how does she get hotter as she gets older!? We need more badass MILFS in metal.

  4. Holy shit, how are they not embarrassed by this?

  5. I’m still on the fence. The first song I heard was alright, but I’m not digging this one at all. I still have no idea whether I’m going to get this album. I guess I need to hear more.

  6. I think what this comment section needs more link backs

  7. She does realize that the particular style of “vocalization” totally shreds the vocal cords after a few years, right?

    Its why Halestorm’s lead spends more time actually singing than shredding…smart girl.

    Live & learn…

    • You do realise… that’s complete crap, right? Condescending crap too. Nicely done.

    • You mean her specifically or extreme vocals in general?

      …because theres a technique to it like any other style of singing. If youre doing it right you should be using your diaphragm as well as your vocal chords without damaging your throat

      • Does it matter? Halestorm dude, Halestorm. Case closed.

        • Come on Andy..Halestorm is fucking awes…

          ..okay, theres just no way I can type that out with a straight face.

          • Like or dislike them, I am just amused by this guy’s use of false comparisons to justify his “point”:

            “This band I like don’t use screaming vocals, therefore screaming vocals must be bad for you, because this band I like don’t use them”

            And then the added condescension of “smart girl” and “live and learn” as if Alyssa hadn’t been doing this for a long, long time now, and was just in need of some good fatherly advice to teach her the error of her ways.

            It’s a fantastic comment, really.

            • My guess is that its some combination of misunderstanding how extreme vocals work, hearing stories about certain vocalists like M.Shadows or Dani Filth blowing out their voices, and the fact that Halestorms vocalist Lzzy (come on, seriously?..thats how you spell your name?) apparently does use gutturals in a sparing fashion probably convinced him it was bad for your vocal chords…especially if youre a female vocalists.

              The rest definitely reads in a condescending “well..she’ll learn otherwise” style fashion

              • I’m glad he took the time to come here, on what’s ostensibly an extreme metal site, and school us all on this though. Because it’s not like any of us here are at all pretty well versed in the genre and the realities of it…

    • White-Gluz has been doing this style of vocalization for over a decade now, and the style she’s using is called “vocal fry” which, when done properly, is actually very gentle on the throat compared to simply screaming. that’s why so many modern metal vocalists use it, and also why they’re able to switch back and forth between “screaming” and clean singing so effortlessly.

      • Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever used vocal fry myself. Though perhaps I have done so without realising it.

        My only problem with it – and this stems from an actual example of an acquaintance of mine – is that i’ve see people use it and basically “scream” at talking volume. So it basically just sounds like someone imitating a scream, rather than actually, you know, going for it. And therefore just feels a little faked and unemotional to me.

        That being said I’m always trying to improve my control and sustain, because power is nothing without control.

        • Fucking backed! I could name several vocalist for rather well known bands who I’ve seen live do the scream-at-talking-volume thing and I prefer to hear someone as you said “go for it”. I enjoy screaming my head off far too much of the time as well 🙂

          • Gotta say I’m really digging this new Arch Enemy album. Nick Cordle is a very gifted guitarist and a great addition to the band! I was lucky I got to see him play back when he was in Arsis. The new vocalist sounds great too.

  8. i’m really loving the new Arch Enemy, they absolutely made the right choice with White-Gluz 🙂

  9. Well this is a fun comment section. The song is kinda catchy but “meh.” Still wish she stayed in the Agonist.

  10. I think Alicia is a great replacement but she’s a versatile singer with beautiful voice and wide range. It’s good to stay true to your colours but I think in a way the band is waisting a potential here by not using clear vocals when they have such a talented frontwoman there. Just saying …

  11. I’m really digging this, as with the other songs released. Hope to find this sometime soon somewhere.

  12. AE went downhill from ROTT, so Alissa’s arrival doesn’t fill me with angst. However it lowers my opinion of AE even more.

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