Jun 122014

If you look on the right side of this page under the heading of “Categories” you’ll see a link to something called “Eye-Catchers”. It was an irregular series of posts I started a very long time ago and then sort of forgot about. The original idea was to pick music to write about based solely on the cover art, as a way of testing the hypothesis that cool album art tends to correlate with cool music. I still often check out new music in just that way — because the artwork catches my eye — but writing about what I’ve found in that way as a test of the “Eye-Catchers” hypothesis has fallen by the wayside. I’m going to try to do more of that.

I’ve already written (twice) about music from the forthcoming album (Solace) by Norway’s Vinterbris, and I first paid attention to it precisely because of the cover art, which was created by an artist I’ve praised frequently at NCS: Kim Holm. The last time I wrote about this partnership was after the release of a video showing Kim Holm’s creation of a drawing for the album with the song “Dysphoria” as musical accompaniment. I’m going to embed that video again at the end of this post in case you missed it. But the main reason for the post is to collect in one place all the other pieces that Holm created for Solace — because he created separate pieces for each song on the album (just as he did for Sólstafir’s Svartir Sandar — that art is collected here.)

Solace will be released on June 16 by Nordavind Records. You can order it now on CD either here or here, and that second link will take you to a Bandcamp page where digital downloads can also be pre-ordered. But of course one reason to spring for the CD (which is what I’ve done) is to get the booklet with the art you’re about to see (a CD pre-order gets you immediate download of two songs).

As for the music, I would want it even if the cover art consisted of scraps of newspaper. I’ve embedded the Bandcamp player after the Kim Holm video, which includes only two more songs now; on Monday it may magically transform into a full stream. In the meantime, Invisible Oranges is streaming the whole album here.

To see the names of the songs accompanied by each piece of art, hover your mouse above the images. To view larger versions of each piece of art, click the images.





















  1. Yes, definitely more articles in this category please! The artwork for the upcoming Yob album looks pretty cool btw.

  2. Damn, I pre-ordered the download on BC–I hope all that art is included.

    I also had a sad moment when I thought it released this week instead of next. Can’t wait for the 16th.

  3. I do love Kim Holm. I have a limited Solstafir print by him that I STILL need to get framed.

  4. now THIS is what i needed to hear this morning. excellent stuff.

  5. that is gorgeous artwork 🙂

  6. Album is yes. Artwork is yes. Vinterbris is yes.

  7. I need this immediately, for both the art and the music.

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