Jun 112014

The following are some of the best things I saw and heard in my ramblings through the interhole today.


I have idiotically failed to write anything about Savage Gold, the new album by Brooklyn’s Tombs which is out today. But because it’s out today, the entire album is also now streaming on Bandcamp, where it can also be ordered. It defies simple classification, with a mix of elements drawn from black metal, hardcore, death metal, and post-metal, among others. It’s a powerful album as a whole, and one in which each song also has its own potent identity. There is no joy in the music, but there is a lot to enjoy.

I go back and forth as to which song is my favorite, but today it’s “Edge of Darkness” (yesterday it was “Seance”), so if you’ve only got time to sample the music, you might start there. The whole album is after the jump.







Speaking of full-album streams, the new album by Septicflesh is now streaming in full at various sites scattered around the world. Its name is Titan, and we’ve written about it before. The advance songs have already started generating some controversy, given certain divergences from the sound on the band’s last album, but I like the record. You can make up your own mind, because I’ve embedded the album player below.

Titan is available for pre-order from Season of Mist here.








Portland, Oregon’s Cemetery Lust have a new album (their second) entitled Orgies of Abomination that’s due for release by Hells Headbangers on June 24. Today Terrorizer premiered a song from the album named “Ride the Beast”. I’ve developed a serious weakness for the kind of depraved black thrash that bands like Cemetery Lust have been churning out. It’s an interesting weakness, given that I’m not much of an old-school thrash fan, but the way Cemetery Lust filthy up their music with alcoholic vocals, tremolo blizzards, and spitfire soloing gets my blood jumping and my fists pumping. Great cover for their new album, too.

I can’t embed the song stream, so jump over HERE to check it out.

The album is available for pre-order on CD here; vinyl is expected in July. For digital pre-orders, go to this location. To hear one more nasty track from Orgies, press play below.








Devangelic are a Roman death metal band featuring members of Putridity, Vulvectomy, and Coprophiliac. Their debut album Resurrection Denied will be released on June 24. Yesterday DECIBEL premiered a track from the album named “Crown of Entrails”, which I’m really digging. It’s brutal, guttural, pulverizing death metal with a snare-heavy drum attack and an absolutely vicious down-tuned riff assault. It rips and it slams. When it flies, the frenzied fretwork will strip the skin from your face, and when it drops out of the red zone it hammers like a two-ton sledge. Good stuff.

The album can be ordered from Comatose Music via this link. Listen to “Crown of Entrails” below.



  1. Cemetery Lust and Devangelic are both awesome! yay! 🙂

  2. Oh man, new Septicflesh is awesome! I didn’t know quite what to expect based on the preview tracks. It’s not just a ‘Great Mass Part 2’, feels to me like it has it’s own distinct sound.

  3. “featuring members of Putridity, Vulvectomy, and Coprophiliac”


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