Jun 162014

(Austin Weber wrote the following introduction to our premiere of a new song by Norway’s Diskord.)

To metalheads, Norway is synonymous with black metal and all things grim and frostbitten. What metalheads don’t usually associate with Norway is death metal. So in that respect, the Oslo, Norway trio Diskord are a bit of an oddity, geographically speaking — and even more so when you consider that their brand of death metal calls to mind a largely American and old-school-influenced approach.

Hot on the heels of their 2012 disasterpiece, Dystopics, comes an appropriately titled new EP from the group: Oscillations. We at No Clean Singing are excited to bring you the first unholy taste of this upcoming effort with the premiere of “Lethargic Regression”.

“Lethargic Regression” is a schizophrenic entity, one that bounces uncomfortably between disorienting dissonant waves and split-second tempo shifts. The maddening assault hits like a calculated blend of Demilich on a bender with Atheist, Gorguts, and Immolation in tow, all the while frequently pulling you down toward the grave with Autopsy-esque lurches and pestilential pit-stops.

The track overflows with buzzing, serrated riffs that easily cut through flesh and ear alike, and overwhelms the listener with its raspy growls and pained howls. It’s beefed up by a towering, thick bass presence that spews noxiously, rounded out by spastic fluid drumwork that masterfully guides you through the horrid depths and spiralling gut-spilling contained within.

“Lethargic Regression” is a jarring exercise in unorthodox death metal, uniting both the primitive and the complex into an inseparable mass, with bile and broken bones trailing in its wake.

Vinyl and CD pre-orders for Oscillations are expected to begin today through Australopithecus Records in the U.S. and through Hellthrasher Productions in Europe. A TBA release date of early-to-mid-August is planned for both release formats. All vinyl orders will ship with a free download card for the digital version included. Listen to “Lethargic Regression” after these links:





  1. Nice old-school death metal. The vocals are worlds better than most of today’s tech death bands. I might have to be on the lookout for this

  2. Dig this band a great deal. Love how they mix old school death metal with innovative and quirky songwriting. Looking forward to hearing more new stuff.

  3. This is pretty great. I will definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for their new release.

  4. While listening I was trying to figure out what that picture is. I zoomed in and my safari crashed.

  5. Love it! Not as jazzy as the first record, but old school without losing the progressive and groovy/funky bits. Stoked to hear the whole thing, keep up the good work! 🙂

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