Jun 162014

Hot off the presses, we present a brand new music video by Baltimore’s Misery Index for “The Calling”, from their most excellent 2014 album The Killing Gods. It’s a fast-cutting montage of black-and-white, close-up film of the band performing the song and B&W scenes from one or more old movies with occult themes.

As you will see, the imagery suits the song very well. It was assembled by director David Hall at Handshake Inc., and he has once again done a bang-up job.




  1. Classy video. Classy song. They are still such a great band. Can’t wait to see them live again sometime!

  2. i love this song and the video is pretty cool 🙂

  3. Seriously, I need this album stat. Might be a good use of the otherwise-useless iTunes gift card I got as a grad present from someone.

  4. Those are stills from F.W. Murnau’s “Faust”, a movie made in the 20s and still so freaking powerful in its images that no other movie has ever come close. I discovered Misery Index thanks to NCS review and am enjoying their album. IMHO, however, Summoning the Cull would have made a better “single”.

    • Thanks for the tip on the origin of the movie footage (though I probably should have guessed that by the reference to “Faust” in the early frames of the video).

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