Jun 172014

Lots and lots of excellent new metal has begun streaming on the web over the last 24 hours — too much for me to gather together in a single post. But I’m going to make a start with this round-up of flesh-eating goodness, beginning with news of two full-album streams.


Taman Shud, the forthcoming new album by Vancouver’s Auroch, is already garnering a slew of highly favorable reviews. It will get one more as soon as I can kick myself in the ass hard enough to translate my own feelings into feeble words.

But in the meantime, you can hear the entire album for yourselves, because yesterday Profound Lore launched a full stream on YouTube — and I’ve embedded it after the jump. The album will be released on June 24 and can be pre-ordered here or purchased in digital form at Bandcamp.








Yesterday Stereogum premiered a stream of the new EP by Australia’s Mournful Congregation. Its title is Concrescence Of The Sophia, and although it only consists of two songs, it’s a half-hour of majestic funeral doom — and definitely worth hearing.

The EP will be released on vinyl (with download codes) and CD by 20 Buck Spin and can be pre-ordered through the following links. Go HERE to listen.






The maggot-eating Mexican metal machine known as Zombiefication have a new album on the way. Their third full-length monstrosity is entitled Procession Through Infestation and it will be released on CD and LP by Doomentia. Yesterday the band delivered unto our fearful ears an advance track called “Procession”. It’s delicious.

The riffs sound like a hive of demon hornets that have been stirred into a roiling fury. The grisly melodies dance like fresh corpses reanimated by occult energies. The snare-heavy drum rhythms are galvanizing. The vocals are a tower of filth. And there’s a goddamned wicked guitar solo in this baby, too. Soooo good… and such a nasty little tease for an album I’ve been eagerly anticipating. Listen below.




  1. I’m glad you guys liked Mournful Congregation, I was listening to it several times over the course of the day yesterday, really enjoyed it.

  2. Hailz brothers! Thanks for the support!

    • I have no doubt the whole Zombiefication album will be awesome. Will it be buyable on Bandcamp?

      • I have no idea bro. Label is in charge of that.

        • Why does the label keep you in the dark?
          It’s good stuff.

          • They don´t keep us in the dark bro. The thing here is that we just started working with Doomentia so we are both learning from each other. They are extremely nice guys and have supported the band more than we expected. Horns up to them and thanks for the support Doug.

  3. It’s a nice surprise to see a new Zombiefication album so soon. At the Caves of Eternal was badass.

  4. “Procession” is awesome, i’m really, really looking forward some new Zombiefication 🙂

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