Jun 192014

(DGR catches up with the latest offering of grind from Finland’s Spawn From Deceit.)

Sometimes, you want some music that you can not only scream along with but also scream at in a white-knuckle rage. I went through this a huge amount last year, and the feeling has been sticking around since then. It sent me on a massive grind kick (of the loud, banging, DIY Punk style, about as close to Nasum and Rotten Sound as I could get with every band) and wound up covering a variety of bands.

Finland’s Spawn From Deceit were probably the most punk of the grind bands that I covered when I launched that vast swath of reviews in the genre late last year. Since then though, I haven’t done my due diligence to see what the guys have been up to. Should’ve known better, because grind is a genre that lends itself to fairly prolific releases, and lo and behold, Spawn From Deceit have another six-song face-to-the-grinding-wheel release out called New Thrones — though I don’t think there is any way to get your hands on it at the moment.

The band make clear on their Bandcamp page that they’re angling to get this thing put out on a 7″ and are soliciting labels to see if anyone can help them, so at the moment we’re left with a Bandcamp stream of six songs packed into the blink of an eye.

New Thrones’ material all ranges between one-and-a-half minutes to two, but in that span of time you get even more manic instrumentation, endless blasting, and nigh unintelligible shrieking at the top of their lungs. You also get some guest vocals, also shrieked nigh unintelligibly at the top of his lungs, by musician Jani Tammiainen.

Currently, I’ve been jamming the song “Rot Until Perfect” almost nonstop, partly because I’m really gripped by the evocative as hell song title but also because it’s pretty much everything I already enjoyed about Spawn From Deceit’s almost sneering style of grind. New Thrones also represents an improvement over the group’s last two releases as well — which is great, because now the fury packed within can be heard even more clearly.

So, while we wait for the band either to generate funds needed to get this thing printed out or to find a label for it, we will have to subsist on this here Bandcamp stream.




  1. this is really damn good, i really like “Bureau of Tolerance”

  2. These guys are on a roll. Both releases you’ve reviewed here at NCS have been stellar.

  3. Cool photo too…is that hand reaching for an invisible orange that’s up on a high tree?

  4. You’re doing the lord’s work here, son.

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