Jul 032014

I was caught napping. In an April round-up of new music, I included just a snippet of a song from the then-forthcoming EP Nine Graves by Germany’s Necros Christos — a release I’ve really been looking forward to. And then about 15 minutes ago I noticed that Nine Graves is now out and available for order on CD from Sepulchral Voice Records and Ván Records.

What’s more, I noticed that the album’s cover art (above) had been released (I’m trying to determine who created it) — and after a bit more poking around I found a stream of the album’s title song in its entirety.

Nine Graves includes nine tracks, described as “two new exclusive songs [the title track and “Black Bone Crucifix”], re-recorded yet totally new arranged versions of two old band classics [“Va Koram Do Rex Satan” and “Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased”], plus four interludes [Temples I – IV] and one huge, persian influenced midtro… [the latter named “Gate”]”.



Here’s the track list:

1. Temple I
2. Black Bone Crucifix
3. Temple II
4. Va Koram Do Rex Satan
5. Gate
6. Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased
6. Temple III
7. Nine Graves
8. Temple IV

And below is the full stream of the title song. It rolls like a mighty death train on deep, grinding riff engines, percussive pistons hammering away and the infernal conductor growling the way-stations to hell in gravel-throated proclamations. The engine slows just past the mid-point in a doom-shrouded interlude with a guitar lead that sways and soars eerily, like drifting smoke. Listen:





  1. Looks like a Denis Forkas Kostromitin piece.

    • That’s a really good guess. I’m still hunting for confirmation…

    • I’ve narrowed it down through a previous announcement I found from the band. Timo Ketola (Dissection, Deathspell Omega, Marduk…), Manuel Tinnemans (Urfaust, Malthusian…), and Tlmnn Shepherd (Bethlehem) are credited for the artwork for the album.

  2. I had forgotten that you posted that trailer, so I guess we’re in the same boat.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I visited Sepulchral Voice which also reminded me that there’s a new Drowned release out!

  4. Not quite as dark as i have come to expect of Necros Christos, but still sounds pretty good. some very interesting riffing in there.

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