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The news in this post is guaranteed to elicit a chorus of FUCK YEAHs from old farts like me, as well as younger farts who know what’s up: it appears that both Faith No More and Pink Floyd are recording new music.


On Friday, July 4, the reactivated Faith No More performed live at Hyde Park in London, wearing the garb of priests. According to eye-witnesses, they played two new songs, one at the conclusion of their regular set (right after “Ashes To Ashes”) and a second at the end of their two-song encore (the first of which was “We Care A Lot”).

A variety of fan-filmed videos have surfaced, highlighting the new songs. Most of the videos aren’t very good, but I’ve gathered up the ones I’ve seen so far and have embedded them after the jump.

It stands to reason that if Faith No More are playing new songs, they will soon be recording new songs. Am I right? Yes, I am right.

More details can be found here and here.











Yesterday the Consequence of Sound site published the following report:

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s fourteenth and final album, Division Bell. Beyond a deluxe reissue, David Gilmour apparently plans to mark the occasion with a brand new LP entitled The Endless River, which will be released in October.

“The news was revealed by Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson, on Twitter. Samson added that the album is based on 1994 sessions with Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright.”

Here’s a copy of that Tweet:



The article continues:

“Singer Durga McBroom-Hudson, who toured with Pink Floyd throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, revealed further details on her Facebook page. ‘The recording did start during The Division Bell sessions (and yes, it was the side project originally titled ‘The Big Spliff’ that [Pink Floyd drummer] Nick Mason spoke about),’ she explained. ‘Which is why there are Richard Wright tracks on it. But David and Nick have gone in and done a lot more since then. It was originally to be a completely instrumental recording, but I came in last December and sang on a few tracks. David then expanded on my backing vocals and has done a lead on at least one of them. That’s the song you see being worked on in the photo.’ She also added that the album consists entirely of ‘unreleased songs.’”

The photo she refers to is embedded above.

As the article says, it’s unclear whether Roger Waters will have any involvement in this recording project.

In reading through the comments on Durga McBroom-Hudson’s FB status, I saw that she also confirmed that Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd’s bassist since 1986) is involved in the recordings, along with drummer Nick Mason.

Of course, it’s way too soon to know whether the new music will merit the vaunted Pink Floyd name. But seriously, how can you not be excited?


P.S. Any cynic who believes this is some kind of cash grab and will suck probably doesn’t believe in Santa Clause either, which is just ignorant.



  1. New Pink Floyd 🙂 I sort of hope Roger Waters isn’t involved

    • Based on the facts that only Nick and David are identified as the ones working on it, and that Guy Pratt has been doing bass, and that it is old material being added on to, I’m going to say Roger is not going to be involved in any way.

  2. What idiot would think Santa Claus doesn’t exist? How would such naysayers explain the half-eaten cookies and bootprints by the chimney?

  3. Wtf such awesome! Much win, holy balls… And coolest beans evar!

  4. Whoa. Times two.

  5. As an old fart, I’ll throw in my “FUCK YEAH!”

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