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Collected here are assorted news items and new music that I like to share, beginning with breaking news about… US!


A year and a half ago we launched NO CLEAN SINGING’s very own Bandcamp page and released our first compilation of music in cooperation with Grind To Death. The title was The Only Good Tory and it featured 46 tracks  from 46 UK bands on the cutting edge of grind, powerviolence, harsh crust, and fast core. Actually, I don’t know why I’m writing in the past tense because that compilation is STILL available on Bandcamp and it’s still free.

And now, a year and a half later, we’re about to do it again. Once again, the lion’s share of the work has been done by Alex Layzell, the man behind Grind To Death and Kydoimas Records — whose releases can be found here. This new compilation is entitled HOLD FAST! and features artwork by Mark Rennie, which you can gaze upon at the top of this post. It includes 20 tracks by 20 kickass bands.

The compilation will become available for FREE download tomorrow on our Bandcamp page, and it will come with a downloadable zine that in itself is a work of art (more details about that tomorrow). Later, the comp will become available on tape with the zine included in hard-copy form.  Here’s the track list:

1. Sufferinfuck – Disease 00:53
2. The Atrocity Exhibit – An Expression of Human Weakness 00:42
3. Beg – Beg To Exist 00:48
4. Fetus Christ – Dead Awake 00:49
5. Prolefeed – Constant Scrutiny 00:52
6. Gets Worse – No Remorse 00:52
7. Evisorax – Locust Breeder 00:59
8. Gunfinger – Your Boyfriend 01:00
9. Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair – Wheelchair Wedding Quaich, Virgin Dram 01:02
10. Famine – Fail To Impale 01:02
11. Filthpact – Dirty Words 01:11
12. Mangle – Vain Torture 01:37
13. Nu Pogodi – (The Brutal Depth Of Obscenity) That Frightens You Most 01:38
14. Human Cull – Will to Submission 01:38
15. Meatpacker – Carnifex 01:41
16. The Afternoon Gentlemen – Grind in the Mind 01:46
17. Art of Burning Water – We Have No Friends 01:50
18. Bastard Hammer – Cavemong 02:06
19. Rope Spasm – Marlboro Man 02:17 2
20. Armour of Contempt – Armour of Contempt 05:32




About two months ago I heard “Endless”, the first single from the new double album by Chicago’s Bongripper, which is named Miserable. As I wrote then, “Endless” is “more than 17 minutes of Grade A, top-shelf, ultra-prime, free range, grain fed skull crushage. Spine-compressing, head-flattening, sludgy, slo-mo doom. You can fire one up if you want, but it won’t save you.”

Well, today the band put the whole album up on Bandcamp — all 65 minutes of it. What’s more, it’s a “name your price” download. Physical copies can be ordered here.

I haven’t heard all of the album yet, but if it’s anything like “Endless”, it’s going to be a good one. The stream is below.









As you should know, Rage Nucléaire are a Canadian band noteworthy for the presence of ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Lord Worm and former Demonical and Vomitous drummer Fredrik Widigs. Their debut album, 2012′s Unrelenting Fucking Hatred (reviewed here), was a blackened grind assault that was staggeringly powerful and a fascinating as well as destructive listen.

Rage Nucléaire now have a second album named Black Storm of Violence that Season of Mist has set for release on July 18, and today CVLT nation premiered another new song from the album — “Annihilation Frenzy”. That’s a good name for this song, because most of the time it’s blazing like a flamethrower and blasting like a high-speed machine-gun — black metal at the speed of grind. Lord Worm sounds frighteningly demented, Widig sounds more like  machine than anyone born of woman, and the riffs have a peculiar way of getting stuck in the head while they’re punching holes in the cranium at a blistering pace.

Black Storm of Violence can be pre-ordered here. Stream the new song at this location:






The new In Flames album Siren Charms will be released on September 15. The first advance track from the album, “Rusted Nail”, became available for streaming about a month ago. I do love In Flames for the role they played in getting me into extreme music, but as I wrote when I first heard the song, it didn’t make much of  a mark on me. But to be honest, I’ve found it to be a grower, to the point that I can say I enjoy it.

So, I’m letting you know that a music video for the song debuted exclusively today at Loudwire. And by “exclusive”, I mean this isn’t on YouTube or anyplace else where you can see it (or from which it can be embedded) except LoudwirePatric Ullaeus directed the video, and not surprisingly, it’s well made. View it here:




  1. “Aborted” will release a video for the song “The Extirpation Agenda” this thursday and here is a trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hQiVw4yecY&feature=youtu.be

  2. Bongripper has been sent to myself for next week, upon my return to sunnier climes.

  3. i love the new Bongripper

  4. So pumped on new Bongripper. I had completely forgotten that I preordered it and just checked.

  5. Unrelenting Fucking Hatred is unrelentingly fucking hateful. A challenging listen, to say the least, but very well done. Looking forward to the new one.

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