Jul 252014

About a week ago the organizers of Maryland Deathfest XIII announced the first wave of more than 30 confirmed bands for the 2015 edition of this mighty festival (you can see that initial list here). And just a few minutes ago they revealed a second list of confirmed bands. This list isn’t as lengthy as the first one, but it’s still stunningly impressive (Demilich!!!):

Sodom (Germany) – Exclusive US appearance!
Demilich (Finland) – Exclusive US appearance!
Napalm Death (UK) – Headlining one of the nights at Soundstage.
Anaal Nathrakh (UK) – Exclusive US appearance!
Primordial (Ireland) – Most likely an exclusive US appearance. If not, MDF will be one of only a few US shows.
Martyrdöd (Sweden)
Noxa (Indonesia)
Water Torture
Early Graves
Mother Brain

Of course, there are many more names to come, and we will probably write about every one of these lists as they are revealed.



  1. HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK, now I have to go, even if it’s only for Saturday and Sunday (why can’t school have three day weeks?).

  2. Anaal fucking Nathrakh



    That is all

  3. Demilich and Melt-Banana would be my main reasons for going. All other bands I want to see are just pluses.

  4. Early Graves

    Anybody skips this, we gon’ have words.

  5. Primordial!!!
    Awesome band, even awesomer live!

  6. Demilich. I thought they’d split up, but this would be worth another trip to the US. With any luck I’ll be able to tie it into a trip to Seattle for work and then most of my flight costs will be covered. \m/

    • Yes, they did split up. Per Metal Archives: “Demilich split-up in 1995 after releasing only one full-length album. They briefly reformed in 2005, only to disband once again after playing their last ever show in Kuopio, Finland on July 22nd, 2006. The band played yet another last ever show in August 2010 at the Jalometalli-festival.”

  7. That was little underwhelming…Primordial and Demilich are awesome and Napalm Death will crush it, but thats about it.

    Id love to see Sodom as well, but $20.00 says they drop off before next May

    • Why do you think Sodom will drop off?

      • Almost without fail, whenever Sodom announces a tour/appearance in the U.S, they end up cancelling at the last minute…Its like clockwork.

        You could probably count the number of times theyve actually played the U.S. on one hand.

  8. I’m as stoked to see this announcement as I am disappointed, with work circumstances completely out of my control my thought of 2015 being the year to attend MDF for the first time has quickly been revealed as impossible. This lineup already looks amazing with only about half of the bands announced.

    • Crap — sorry that you’re not going to be able to make it. I’m always at risk of my work screwing my plans too. This year things worked out, and I hope they do next year too.

  9. I would go just for DRI and Metal Church. Hell, I hope to god Sodom plays as I LOVE them.

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