Aug 222014

Adult Swim is releasing a new track from SF’s Deafheaven on Monday. It will be available for free download. The song’s name is “From the Kettle To the Coil”. It bears many of the by-now well-known Deafheaven musical characteristics — it includes lush melodies, George Clarke shrieks his guts out, and the guitarists and drummer blaze away when they’re not going for slow and shimmering.

But… Clarke also hits some roaring lows (and some low cleans) this time around, and the riffs get jagged and punchy. But in a nutshell, if you like Deafheaven (as I do), you will like this song (a lot, because it’s one of their best), and if you don’t you probably won’t. Listen next, and if you do like what you hear, this is the place to get it on Monday:




  1. Here’s my thing: this is cool and all. Actually probably my fav Deafheaven song. BUT the same program put out a new SLEEP song, and it’s fucking stellar.

  2. It’s no Gorguts though now, is it…?

  3. Phenomenal, I think. Signature as his sky-piercing shriek might be, it’s nice to hear George work some variety into the vocals, and those lows are pretty terrific. Plus the truest solo they’ve ever laid down. Yeah, I really couldn’t be happier with this.

  4. I think we should all thank Jason DeMarco over at Adult Swim for picking out these awesome tracks! (Also for co-creating Toonami, but that’s just me…)

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