Sep 102014

Once again I find myself in the miserable position of having many new songs I’d like to write about before ending our posts for the day but having only time to write about one (I blame my fucking day job). So, what to pick?

Ironically I’m picking one I can’t even play for you here, because it’s streaming exclusively at another site. But the song is so good that I want to send you over there to hear it. The song is the title track to the forthcoming second album by Montreal’s Beyond Creation, Earthborn Evolution.

It’s really the kind of music that should be held up as an example of how to use extravagant, technically exceptional performances in the service of an actual song, rather than as ends in themselves. “Earthborn Evolution” is thus a marvel both for the wizardry of the instrumental spellcasting and for the musical flow, dynamics, and memorability of the song as a musical composition.

So even though I know how wrenching it will be for you to leave our humble site, please do go here and listen (but do come back to us if you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the music):


  1. Gotta love dat bass.

  2. My anticipation keeps growing with every track released. Preorder is imminent.

  3. The song is so freakin cool. I sought it out yesterday as well. Beyond Creation are setting themselves up as so much more than a mere tech death band (not that there’s anything wrong with that)…this song shows that they could equally grab the attention of AAL fans as well as raising the bar that Obscura established for this style. Just out of this world! I had a chance to catch them live on their tour they just completed, and they are super cool guys, too.

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