Sep 122014

My ears have feasted upon a big smorgasbord of new and newish metal over the last 24 hours, a big spread of many different styles of delectables. However, in deciding what to assemble for this round-up I was influenced by the Obscure Burials EP I reviewed for today’s first post. Which is to say I was in the mood for more jet-fueled mayhem. Sometimes you just want to have your head torn off, you know what I mean?

Because there’s so much stuff in this post, including two new videos, I’m going to dispense with complete sentences and keep my blather short and sweet. Presenting this alpha music in alphabetical order:


Location: The Netherlands
Song: “Carved To Pieces”
Album: Rites Ov Perversion
Release date: Sept 12 (Europe) and Sept 16 (NorthAm)
Label: Metal Blade

Ravenous, ripping, spine-smashing, skull-cleaving, roof-collapsing, gruesome, atmospheric, sing-along music.









Location: New Zealand
Song: “Murderer’s Collar”
Album: Rise of the Banshee
Release date: Sept 22 (estimated)

Punk stomp and black metal acid and heavy metal swagger, gun-shot drumming and gut-shot riffing, risk of serious neck strain, catchy as chlamydia. (Premiere of the song happened here at the Six Noises blog, along with a cool interview.)









Location: Switzerland
Song: “Drainers”
Album: A split with Abraham
Release date: Sept 20
Label: Hummus Records

Twisted, unhinged, uncomfortable (like ants under the skin), bone-smashing, yet toe-tapping.








Location: Los Angeles
Song: “Mind Ain’t Right”
Album: Poison Everything
Release date: Oct 14
Label: Southern Lord

A short sharp shock, explosive, ass-kicking, electrifying, careful with that elbow my nose is fragile. Very cool video; epileptics should avoid.









Location: UK
Song: “Devoured”
Album: Hollow (EP)
Release date: Sept 29
Label: Ghost Music

Irresistibly brutish, pneumatically compulsive, alien, want to headbang ’til head comes off, Satan is headbanging too. Thoroughly awesome video as well.




  1. That Antropomorphia album is a shit-ton of fun. Didn’t think I would like it before hand, but by-howdy was I wrong about that.

    I like the vocalist for Wraiths… but damn, that song is numbingly repetitive (and I thought the video was slightly hilarious, considering in how many shots the bassist and guitarist look more like they’re having a quiet little jam in their bedroom, lol)

    • Felt the same about that Anthropomorphia. I saw the cover art and was like “Cool, nude chicks, I’ll probably hate it”
      But instead was treated to the best song in the post.

      Bulletbelt was a lot of fun. Another I wasnt sure Id like just based on the name. Even the name is kinda fun in retrospect. Plus… NZ. Along with Iceland, they seem to do no wrong.

  2. Antropomorphia sounds pretty killer 🙂

  3. HOT DAMN, Obliterations obliterates me every time. I can guarantee their album will be on my list come December, and I’ve only heard two songs.

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