Sep 122014


If you’ve been hanging around the site today you can probably figure out what kind of mood I’m in. And I just decided, fuck it, I’m gonna stay in this mood all day.

Basically, the music I’ve featured so far today (including our two song premieres) has been fast-paced and furious. But I’ve decided to turn it up a notch, to punch the accelerator further to the floor, and to amp the filthiness quotient, too. And I’m not limiting myself to new music — but I am limiting myself to music that’s new to me. These are all songs I’ve discovered recently. The first three come from South American bands and then we move to Finland, Spain, and Greece.

This is really just a thrashing sulfurous speed metal play-list –I’m not going to write anything about the individual songs. I’ll just let them do their adrenalized dirty work by themselves. In alphabetical order:


Band location: Brazil
Song: “Speed Metal Ataque”
Album: A Meia Noite Levarei Tua Alma (2010)








Band location: Paraguay
Song: “Speed Metal Evil”
Album: Army of the Night EP (2013)








Band location: Chile
Song: “Sympton of Darkness”
Album: Silent Murder (1996)








Band location: Finland
Song: “High Speed Metal”
Album: In the Sign of Mosh Angel (demo 2002)








Band location: Spain
Song: “Satanic Alcoholic Night”
Album: Highway To the Fucking Kvlt (demo 2010)








Band location: Greece
Song: “Speed Metal Force”
Album: The Hell Patrol (2013)



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  1. Yes…Omega and Mosh Angel are the tits, nice choices….

    Heres one for you that should fit in perfectly

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