Sep 172014


Last month Anaal Nathrakh premiered “Idol”, the first advance track from their new album Desideratum, which is coming from Metal Blade on October 28. And today Decibel premiered a second song — “Monstrum In Animo”.

If you’re in the mood for a violent, howling, skin-flying barrage of blackened industro-alien-grind-demolition with concrete-splitting grooves and lead-melting soloing, you damned well need to hear this, because I don’t know where else you would be able to get that fix. It sure as hell did the job for me.

This is an exclusive stream, so you’ll need to go here to listen to the song — as well you should:

(thank you deckard cain for tipping me to this premiere)


  1. Sweet song. Sounds a lot like Vanitas to me, but that’s not a bad thing at all in my book.

  2. I like this more than the previous track, look forward to this albim.

  3. Sometimes, you just have to have Anaal Nathrakh. Nothing else will do.

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