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I confess that this crept up on me. I didn’t know Job For A Cowboy were so close to releasing a new album, but as you can see above, it has a name (Sun Eater) and a fantastic album cover. It also has a release date (Nov 11, via Metal Blade). And within the last hour we got our first taste of the music through the premiere of a song named “Sun of Nihility”.

At the moment I’m unable to listen to the song. I could tell you why, but then I’d have to kill you, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? So even though I’m quite curious to hear how this band’s sound has progressed (because in light of their history I’m expecting some continued changes), I’m deferring my own gratification in order to gratify you.

At least I hope it will be gratifying. Please feel free to leave a Comment and explain whether you are gratified or disappointed. When I’m able to listen to the song I’ll toss in my two cents. The music is below.

Update: I’ve now listened to the song, and wow, that was a surprise — a very pleasant one. As I suspected, the band’s sound continues to change. This this is a beautifully performed hybrid of progressive metal and death metal with an exotic melody that conjures images of The Orient. So many cool things about the song, not the least of which is the bass line and the wonderful guitar solo. It will be very interesting to hear what else this album holds in store.

Sun Eater can be pre-ordered here.



  7 Responses to “JOB FOR A COWBOY: “SUN OF NIHILITY””

  1. Yes. More please.

  2. Damn impressive song!

  3. I like it, give us more!

  4. That’s right, the solo is really great. Nice evolution from this band. Looking forward to hear the rest of the album.

  5. What I like a lot is the we can hear quite clear all of the instruments, especially the bass and I enjoy that a lot. Production is very good.

  6. Dat solo doe.

  7. sounds pretty kickass to me 🙂

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