Sep 302014

(In the second of three round-up posts for today, Leperkahn delivers news of forthcoming albums of interest.)

It seems that yesterday roughly an eighth of the entire metal universe announced the recording of new albums on the horizon, or provided updates on said recordings. I’ve collected the ones that especially caught my eye below, much to the chagrin of my wallet.


According to a Nuclear Blast press release that Islander forwarded to me, Enslaved are entering the studio to record their 13th album. “Main recordings for the as-yet-untitled new album are taking place at Duper and Solslottet Studios in Bergen, Norway with additional recordings done at Conclave & Earshot Studios (presided over by ENSLAVED members [vocalist/keyboardist Herbrand] Larsen and [lead guitarist] Ice Dale), and Ivar Bjørnson’s Personal Sound Studios.”

The band will also apparently venture to Valevåg, a rural woodsy area south of their hometown of Bergen, for additional recording (the band had previously gone there to record their 2012 7” Thorns).  The album will apparently be produced by Larsen, bassist/vocalist Grutle Kjellson, and guitarist Ivar Bjørnson with Iver Sandøy, with mixing done by the inimitable Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.

Considering how much RIITIIR – and for that matter pretty much all of the Enslaved catalog – kicked ass, I’m sure we can all bet that this will open minds and crush faces.





Canadian practitioners of noise/hardcore/whatever-you-wanna-call-it KEN Mode also announced the recording of a new record yesterday, with the legendary Steve Albini (High on Fire, Nirvana, etc.). They’re set to enter the studio November 23 to begin tracking Success, which is what they’ve elected to call the new LP. They’ve also handed off mastering duties to Bob Weston, and artwork to Randy Ortiz as well.

In a statement, Jesse Matthewson described Success as “a decidedly stripped-down northern noise rock apocalypse to be unleashed on the world. Time to take this back to our roots”. Thus another $10-20 preemptively lept from my wallet in the direction of Winnipeg, and picked up speed when it heard song titles such as “Blessed,” “Absolutely Not,” “Failing at Fun Since 1981,” “Dead Actors,” “A Catalog of Small Disappointments,” “Management Control,” “A Passive Disaster,” and “I Just Liked Fire”.




Finally, news of Nader Sadek’s new four-song EP, The Malefic – Chapter III, appeared yesterday, namely that it’ll be free as a CD in upcoming issues of Decibel (#122), Terrorizer (#254), and Legacy (#94). First of all, hell yeah. Second of all, more details:

It’ll feature contributions by Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan, Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier, and Aura Noir’s Rune Eriksen (a.k.a. the “usual suspects”), but will also feature Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Bobby Koelble (ex-Death), Martin Rygiel (ex-Decapitated), Carmen Simoes (Moonspell, ex-Ava Inferi), and Olivier Pinard (Cryptopsy, ex-Neuraxis).

One more note – if you don’t subscribe to any of those magazines, the EP will be available sometime in December digitally. Also, the mixes of the Decibel version and the Terrorizer and Legacy versions will be different apparently, though it’s not clear which one will be used for the eventual digital release.


  1. i gained a whole new appreciation for Enslaved after seeing them in concert, a damn fantastic band

    • I’m sooooo jealous you got to see them live. I was hoping to catch them at Fall of Summer, but I wasn’t able to make it out for the second day.

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