Sep 302014


(Our brother Leperkahn continues to shoulder the burden of rounding up news and new music during my vacation from that task.)

Attempting to do Islander’s job is WAAAAY harder than I ever would’ve thought it to be. Luckily, unlike the last stream dump, this one has a bit of a theme, namely that they’re all full-album streams.


The NCS camp in general has expressed widespread approval for Stench’s new album Venture – we even went as far as to premiere a track from it here . It’s now streaming in full at Decibel here. I think at this point we’ve said our part on this one – now it’s your turn to voice your opinion.

The album is slotted to come out October 7th via Agonia Records – look for it at this location.



While I haven’t personally taken the time to divulge my thoughts on the new Falls of Rauros record, my enthusiasm for it was pretty well expressed by Ben Smasher’s NCS review (here). Anyway, thing is bloody magnificent, and it’s streaming now via Noisey. Check it out before it drops via Bindrune and Nordvis:




I played baseball for twelve years before stopping after my senior year of high school back in June. Especially during some of my early years, I had very serious dreams about being either a player or GM in the MLB (I was scouring the transactions part of the sports page of the San Diego Union-Tribune by second grade). Thus, baseball became quite a large part of my childhood and my identity, and so I somewhat had a panic attack when I first saw that Puig Destroyer had become a thing.

I’ve since devoured the EPs they’ve released, and now they’re about to release their first album, a self-titled effort, officially out today (just as the regular season ends and the postseason begins, for teams lucky enough to not be the San Diego Padres). The music is pretty killer grind, but most will be here for the wonderful joke that they are, and the hilarious lyrics they offer (good luck picking them out by ear though).

Anyway, Metal Injection delivered the premiere and the album can be ordered from No Sleep Records here.



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