Sep 302014

(Leperkahn introduces the just-released title track from the forthcoming album by Ireland’s Primordial.)

This is pretty late for our normal posting schedule, but when it comes to Primordial, scheduling becomes irrelevant. These guys are my favorite band from Ireland and one of the strongest on the planet, and I’ll be damned if Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill isn’t one of the best vocalists to have ever walked the Earth.

On the heels of their positively euphoric and magnificent Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand, Primordial have just released the title track as the first song premiere from their new album Where Greater Men Have Fallen. True to form of their past efforts, “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” encompasses roughly eight minutes of swelling melodies, epic soundscapes, and the darkly poetic bellows and croons of Nemtheanga.



When I first saw that Primordial had an album due for this year (November 25, to be exact), I had a damn good feeling it would find itself on my year-end list; this track is only confirming that instinct.

If you know what’s good for you, check it out below, and preorder Where Greater Men Have Fallen via Metal Blade at this link on CD, vinyl, or, if you’re in Europe, with a “deluxe edition wood boxset which includes the CD+DVD digibook, an exclusive 7″, a leather wristband, a poster and a certificate of authenticity”.

I’ll post the track listing for the album, Primordial’s eighth, below:

1. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
2. Babel’s Tower
3. Come The Flood
4. The Seed Of Tyrants
5. Ghosts Of The Charnel House
6. The Alchemist’s Head
7. Born To Night
8. Wield Lightning To Split The Sun



  1. Great stuff, can’t wait to get this album.

  2. Truly mesmerizing, indeed!

  3. God I love this band. Epic stuff as usual. Between Primordial, Blood revolt and Dread sovereign I think Nemtheanga is one of the most consistent European musicians/singers. He always deliver quality

    • Not forgetting Twilight Of The Gods – Fire Of The Gods is a good an album of Manowar worship than you’ll fine today.

      • I don’t know, Twilight of the gods didn’t really do anything for me. The musicians involved were talented but the songs left me completly cold. Maybe because I don’t like Manowar?

    • Saw him do some Pentagram and Iron Maiden covers a few weeks back. The man does Di’Anno better than Di’Anno

  4. Alan has some pipes on him.. Also notice the bass tone. Gives this the same oppressive feel “The Gathering Wilderness” has.

  5. pure epicness

  6. After hearing The Gathering Wilderness and Nameless Dead, I was a little let down by their last effort. Since then I’ve discovered Blood Revolt, Twilight of the Gods and that Void of Silence album AA was on, which are all fantastic. Now after hearing this track my anticipation for a new Primordial has been reborn. Thanks for posting.

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