Oct 012014


(Our man Leperkahn continues forging ahead with some round-up posts while I pretend to be doing other things.)


We received an exciting announcement today presenting the names of the first 12 confirmed bands for the 2015 edition of the EISTNAFLUG festival in Iceland. (For Gemma Alexander’s lively three-part report on the 2014 edition of the festival for NCS, go here.) The 11th edition of EISTNAFLUG will take place in Neskaupsstadur on the east coast of Iceland from the 9th to the 11th of July 2015. The confirmed bands are:

Brain Police (IS)
Conan (UK)
Dimma (IS)
Godflesh (UK)
In Solitude (SE)
Inquisition (CO)
Lvcifyre (UK)
Rotting Christ (GR)
Skálmöld (IS)
Vampire (SE)
The Vintage Caravan (IS)

That’s already a helluva line-up, and more bands will be announced in the months to come. Tickets will be on sale in November via the festival site:






As has been previously reported, Fuck The Facts are releasing a new three-song EP, Abandoned, on October 1st via their own label, Noise Salvation. It’s the first of a bunch of planned releases the band has slated for the near future. I speak of this because Abandoned has now gone up for full streaming via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Fuck the Facts are easily one of the most unique sounding (and genuinely fantastic) grind bands around, so you can bet your ass that this is just as quality as their previous efforts would suggest (and as advance tracks “L’impasse” and “Disabused” implied). Check it out below, and look for it digitally via Bandcamp, or on cassette via their Big Cartel.










Like I’ve done a few other times in these roundups, I trusted the judgment of Decibel on this one, and checked out a new Bludded Head EP cleverly titled Reign in Bludd. I wasn’t previously familiar with the band; if you’re in the same boat, the music contained therein could perhaps best be described as a mix of noise rock, doom, and sludge, with the despondency of funeral doom making its way in emotionally, if not necessarily in any of the music proper. In other words, this stuff is jangly, rough around the edges, sad, melancholic, and bloody well PISSED. Check it out at Decibel, and order the album here.




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