Nov 052014

The forthcoming debut album of Dire Omen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has proven to be a revelation — a stupendously powerful release that fulfills the promise that was evident in the band’s previous shorter releases. Not long ago BraveWords delivered the first advance track from Wresting the Revelation of Futlity, and today we bring you another: “Foretold Untethering From Existence”.

The music is at once destructively chaotic and fascinating in its intricacy. The grinding riffs, blasting snare beats, and echoing vocal horrors create an aura of heartless savagery, yet the somersaulting bass lines, frenzied guitar explosions, and rapidly changing rhythms prove to be thoroughly engrossing. On top of that, the morbid, otherworldly melodies have staying power.



This is blackened death metal of a high order, music that joins compositional skill and instrumental flair with unbridled ferocity.

Wresting the Revelation of Futility will be released by Dark Descent on November 12 and it can be pre-ordered here. To hear the earlier song premiere — “Onward With Wounds of Disillusion” — use this link and scroll down. 




  1. this is really good : )

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