Jul 252018


This is the completion of a post I began yesterday, collecting new songs and videos that by coincidence all happened to fall under the vast umbrella of death metal, or were at least close enough in sound or spirit to merit the “DEATH RITUAL” heading of this post. Between yesterday and today, one more track appeared that I couldn’t resist including, and I also decided to begin with a review of a new EP that I should have posted sooner — but better late than never.


Our history with Dire Omen goes back to 2011, when I came across their second promo and wrote it up in the 27th MISCELLANY post (and I’m wondering yet again why I let that series die of neglect). Since then, they’ve released a 2012 EP (Severing Soul From Flesh), a 2014 debut album on the Dark Descent label (Wresting the Revelation of Futility), and now a new EP (also through Dark Descent), Formless Fire Embodied. Obviously, these Canadians from Edmonton haven’t been prolific in their releases, but the care they’ve taken hasn’t been for naught, as you shall see. Continue reading »

Jul 282017


Colorado-based Dark Descent Records must be very, very happy with 2017. (I’m talking about their slate of music releases, of course, because many other things about the year suck harder than a shop vac.) Here we are just past the halfway point, and Dark Descent has already served up new albums by the likes of Heresiarch, Undergang, Father Befouled, Bestia Arcana, Ascended Dead, Phrenelith, Ensnared, GorephiliaCraven Idol, Lantern, Excommunion, Sarcasm, and Diabolical Messiah, and a new EP by Devouring Star (and I might have overlooked something).

But with more than five months left in the year, the label has a lot more nastiness up its sleeve, and today we’re getting a big taste of what’s to come. Today Dark Descent has released via Bandcamp and YouTube a new sampler that consists of a whopping 11 track premieres all at once, and they all happen to be from releases we’ve been very eager to hear, or that come as very intriguing surprises. Many appear headed our way before year-end; some may not arrive until 2018.

Below you’ll find some info about those 11 offerings, plus impressions of the music (aided by a bit of a sneak peak we got in advance), and of course streams of each song. To begin, here’s the track list: Continue reading »

Jun 112016

Dawn of Disease-Worship the Grave


For the last four days running, I’ve been engaged in an attempt to catch up on new song and video premieres and recent full releases. The first three posts were devoted to black(ish) metal, and then yesterday I posted the first part of a Seen and Heard collection devoted to other corners of the underground.

My original plan for this Part 2 was to include a lot more music than you will actually find here, but I forgot about something I had agreed to do this morning with Ms. Islander, and so I’ve had to cut this short. Which means there will be a Part 3, probably tomorrow (along with another Shades of Black post), but maybe Monday.


Germany’s Dawn of Disease have a new album named Worship the Grave (which features cover art by Mark Cooper) that’s coming our way via Napalm Records on June 24. A couple of days ago, they revealed an album track called “The Sky Is Empty”, which is a real ass-kicker. Continue reading »

Nov 052014

The forthcoming debut album of Dire Omen from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has proven to be a revelation — a stupendously powerful release that fulfills the promise that was evident in the band’s previous shorter releases. Not long ago BraveWords delivered the first advance track from Wresting the Revelation of Futlity, and today we bring you another: “Foretold Untethering From Existence”.

The music is at once destructively chaotic and fascinating in its intricacy. The grinding riffs, blasting snare beats, and echoing vocal horrors create an aura of heartless savagery, yet the somersaulting bass lines, frenzied guitar explosions, and rapidly changing rhythms prove to be thoroughly engrossing. On top of that, the morbid, otherworldly melodies have staying power. Continue reading »

Oct 282014

Here’s part two of a round-up post I began earlier today. Collected here are the best of the new songs and videos that I saw and heard over the last 24 hours.


We reported last month that after the passage of four years since Sweden’s The Crown released their comeback album Doomsday King, which Andy Synn praised in one of his earliest posts for our site as “a masterpiece of wild fury and calculated aggression, blurring the lines between razor-sharp thrash and full-speed death metal”, they will be returning in January with their eighth album, Death Is Not Dead.

Century Media has also just released a 7″ vinyl single from the band that includes one of the new songs — “Headhunter” — plus the band’s cover of “Unfit Earth” by Napalm Death. And yesterday the band unveiled a music video for “Headhunter”. Continue reading »

Mar 132011

For new readers (and yes, we do seem to be picking up new readers steadily, astonishing as that may seem), here’s how these MISCELLANY posts work: We maintain an evolving list of music from bands we’ve not heard before that look interesting. At irregular times, I pick a few names off the list and check out a song or two from each band, not knowing in advance what they’ll sound like, and then record the experiences in an installment of this series. Finally, I add the songs themselves so you can decide for yourself if it’s your kind of thing.

Lots of the music on our MISCELLANY list are band submissions to our humble site. If I had more time, I would like to write full reviews of all of them (or at least all the ones I think would be worth your time), but sadly, it’s just not possible. This series remains the best way I have to spread the word about music that may be as new to you as it is to me.

The caveat is that I don’t know in advance if the music will be good — though in the case of band submissions, I figure the process of self-selection improves the odds that I’ll like it: Any bands who know anything about this site aren’t likely to send their music our way unless they think it will suit our taste in extremity. Unless they’re too high to think straight, which is always a possibility.

Today, all the music is from band submissions. Unlike most of these MISCELLANY forays, I didn’t listen to all of them in one sitting, but instead, spread it out over a few days. But I did listen to them in this random order: Destroying Divinity (The Czech Republic), Dire Omen (Canada), and Wake (Canada). After the jump, my impressions about the music . . . and the music itself. Continue reading »