Oct 282014

Here’s part two of a round-up post I began earlier today. Collected here are the best of the new songs and videos that I saw and heard over the last 24 hours.


We reported last month that after the passage of four years since Sweden’s The Crown released their comeback album Doomsday King, which Andy Synn praised in one of his earliest posts for our site as “a masterpiece of wild fury and calculated aggression, blurring the lines between razor-sharp thrash and full-speed death metal”, they will be returning in January with their eighth album, Death Is Not Dead.

Century Media has also just released a 7″ vinyl single from the band that includes one of the new songs — “Headhunter” — plus the band’s cover of “Unfit Earth” by Napalm Death. And yesterday the band unveiled a music video for “Headhunter”. Continue reading »

Jul 072012

I apologize to all of our faithful readers. I usually put our first-of-the-day posts to bed the night before, so that I can sleep like a disgusting sloth with mouth open and drool oozing like alien slime while people in some time zones even earlier than mine read what I wrote the night before.

BUT, tonight there’s a catch to those best-laid plans: I’m too fucked up to write much on this Friday night, but I still intend to sleep like someone in cryosleep a century from now on their way to Alpha Centauri.

Which means I just have a few quick pieces of metal, some news that involves free music, and very few other words. And with luck, my wife won’t wake up in the night and decide the time has finally come to string me up by my ankles and bathe in my gore, and I’ll be able to correspond with you again on the morrow. And if there are no more posts on Saturday besides this one, you’ll know my luck ran out.


Not long ago we featured the dark, eye-catching artwork for the new album by Vancouver’s Auroch. Today (or from the perspective of you as you read this, yesterday), they or their label chose to premier a track on Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, which as far as I can tell didn’t even give them their own unique post, instead including their track in a player that begins with Testament. Who am I to question such decisions? Continue reading »

Apr 142012

There are a lot of deserving bands out in the wide world who would love to play Wacken Open Air.  But Bloodbeast is one I’d like pimp today. They’re from South Africa, the band is composed of dudes who have been active in metal for a long time, and their debut album Bloodlust kicks massive amounts of ass. To find out just how much ass it kicks, you could check out our review here, and stream the music at this location.

Now, it happens that Wacken is running a competition called Metal Masters, and the winner will get a live performance slot at the festival. The way it works is that bands upload videos to Wackentube where fans can rate them — and the band with the best-rated video gets the slot. The voting began on March 5 and ends just before midnight on April 29.

Bloodbeast is in the hunt. They’ve uploaded a live performance video for a song from Bloodlust called “Fuck Or Die”. Your immediate reaction to that title might be, “Hell yes!  Words to live by!” But this is a song with a conscience — it’s about rape, and there are some awful statistics about its prevalence in South Africa superimposed on the video. It’s a helluva song, and the video is worth seeing.

To drum up support for the video, Bloodbeast is offering a free download of their album (in lossless quality) to the first 50 fans who give it a 5-star rating on Wackentube (and prove it by sending the band a screen shot). Details are after the jump. Continue reading »