Jul 072012

I apologize to all of our faithful readers. I usually put our first-of-the-day posts to bed the night before, so that I can sleep like a disgusting sloth with mouth open and drool oozing like alien slime while people in some time zones even earlier than mine read what I wrote the night before.

BUT, tonight there’s a catch to those best-laid plans: I’m too fucked up to write much on this Friday night, but I still intend to sleep like someone in cryosleep a century from now on their way to Alpha Centauri.

Which means I just have a few quick pieces of metal, some news that involves free music, and very few other words. And with luck, my wife won’t wake up in the night and decide the time has finally come to string me up by my ankles and bathe in my gore, and I’ll be able to correspond with you again on the morrow. And if there are no more posts on Saturday besides this one, you’ll know my luck ran out.


Not long ago we featured the dark, eye-catching artwork for the new album by Vancouver’s Auroch. Today (or from the perspective of you as you read this, yesterday), they or their label chose to premier a track on Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, which as far as I can tell didn’t even give them their own unique post, instead including their track in a player that begins with Testament. Who am I to question such decisions?

Much as I enjoy Testament, I would have been happy to feature Auroch’s song all by itself in its own place, where it would share no space with the music of other bands. But no one asked me, and so I am left sending you to Brave Words via this link so that you can hear the new Auroch track, which rips.


These next three bands I like a lot. Bloodbeast are from South Africa, and I reviewed their debut album Bloodlust here. At the time of the review, the band were selling the album as a download on Bandcamp. Today (or from your perspective, yesterday), Bloodbeast decided to make the album available for free. If you’re into technically oriented death metal that’s raw and brutal instead of an exercise in note-filled wankery, GO HERE to check out Bloodlust.


Bloodbeast’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Van666, has been in another long-running South African death metal band, Architecture of Aggression, who we’ve also featured here more than once (for example, this). AOA have put up their entire discography for FREE download on Bandcamp, too. GO HERE to check that out.


Masakari are from Cleveland. To steal BadWolf’s phrase, their songs are an awesome example of Crust-Punk-Meets-Old-School-Death music. We’ve written about them more than once at NCS. They are dedicated to giving their music away and have been using Bandcamp to do that, but they’ve been using up their allotment of 200 free downloads per month, and Bandcamp then charges for additional downloads. So, as of a day or two ago, they put a big chunk of their discography up on Mediafire for free download. Use THIS LINK to get to the page that lists the music files you can select. Masakari’s Bandcamp page, where you can stream everything, is HERE.

Masakari’s latest output is a 5″ split with Grin and Bear It, which will be released later this month and can be pre-ordered through Halo of Flies HERE. The Masakari track is called “Contagion”, and this is it:

I really like the artwork for this split, so I’m putting that right here, too:


Okay, that’s all I got for now. Good night.


I was even more fucked up last night than I thought, so much so that I staggered off to bed without scheduling this post to appear while I was sleeping. Fuck.

The good news is that I’m still alive and sort of awake, and my head doesn’t even feel like an anvil that’s being pounded by mountain trolls, and the sun is shining in Seattle. Good morning.


  1. I think I see a pussyneck. Awesome.

  2. Man, Bravewords is an ugly site. A good track deserves better care.

  3. That artwork at the top… I fucking love it!

  4. I recognized that image at the top of the post as the artwork that Imperial Triumphant had shared on Facebook yesterday afternoon, when they also indicated (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150935360246794&set=a.111244981793.98772.9936656793&type=1) that they were entering the studio soon to work on their upcoming full-length (the follow-up to 2010’s EP “Obeisance”), so I expected you were planning on saying something about that — but then I didn’t see anything here. I guess it wouldn’t have fit with the rest of this post, since they all included music that already exists…

  5. dude fucking amazing bands!!!!! Bloodbeast album is also free via bandcamp!!!! that was one of the first bands I discovered thanks to NCS

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